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1940 Confederate Pensioners

Contributed by Lee Freeman

SOURCE: Florence Herald, Friday, January 19, 1940.

As required by law the following names are those in Lauderdale County now receiving pensions:


Brown, Andrew J* - Route No. 1 - Anderson, Ala


Blakely, Martha A - 402 Main St - Florence, Ala

Carroll, Lula - 303 N Pine St - Florence, Ala

Carter, Mary A - 753 Meridian St - Florence, Ala

Darby, Mary - Route No 4 - Florence, Ala

Ellison, Mary F - 619 N Wood Ave - Florence, Ala

Fennell, Jessie - Royal Ave - Florence, Ala

Ford, Addie A - care of R T Simpson, Jr - Florence, Ala

Moody, Marietta - care of U O Redd - Florence, Ala

Moody, Mattie K - 807 N Wood Ave - Florence, Ala

Olive, Lue A - 510 N Poplar St - Florence, Ala

Sharp, M J - care of Doyle Young - Waterloo, Ala

Whitehead, Martha E - Rogersville, Ala


*NOTE: Andrew J. Brown, a Pvt. Co K Barbieres Cal Bat., CSA, was born 16 Jul 1848 and died 9 Mar 1942. He is buried in the Mitchell Cemetery, Lauderdale County, AL. 

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