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County Schools

Bethel Grove

Bethel Grove


1909: This picture is located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

"...It was a big day, 60 years ago, at Bethel Grove

School when this group posed for the official school

portrait. The group includes, First row, seated on

ground, left to right:
Grover Wiles, Tom Fox, Everett Hendrix, Elmer

Hendrix, Doyle Livingston, Bill May, Luther Smith,

and teacher, Mrs. Eulala Bradley, Second row, from

left: Bessie Keeton,  Bessie Givens, Annie Mae

Hendrix Swank, Mamie Smith Koonce, Mittie

Bourland Mitchell, Chapel May Robertson, Mary Sue

Livingston Smith, Bessie Givens; Third row, from

left: Silas Bradley, Mrs. Betty Bradley, Herbert

Bradley, Edward Bradley, Lonnie Smith,  Yuel Givens,

Walter Young, unidentified, Everett Young, Tom

May, Fourth row, from left: Unidentified Person Fox,

Marvin Wilkes, Lessie Keeton, Virgle Hendrix. Our
thanks to Mrs. Luther Smith, 229 Georgia Avenue,

for this Scrapbook Feature."

1910 or 1911 

Contributed by John R. Butler


"...This photo shows the Bethel Grove School group in about 1910 or 1911. Bethel Grove was located in the north end of Lauderdale county. The building has been torn down now. Shown left to right are: first row, Lesley Givens, Elmer Keeton, Ernest May, Doyle Livingston, Gifford Olive, Elmer Livingstone, unidentified, Edgar Willis, Aubry Butler, unidentified, Elmer Hendrix; second row, Willie Sue Cypress, Mary Sue Livingston, Desie Williams, Lula Williams, Nettie Olive, Vernon Olive, Viola Montgomery, Mary Lee Hendrix, Ollie May Holt, Irene Brewer, Martha Butler, Lizzie Sue Willis, Chaple May Robertson; third row, Robert Montgomery, Johnny Daniels, Everett Hendrix, Annie May Hendrix, Lina Butler, Mattie Olive, Flora Williams, Addie Montgomery, Mary Beth Cypress, Annie D. Livingston, Bertha Givens, fourth row, Grover Wilks, Bill May, Hershel Keeton, Everett Young, Walter Young, Rasco Willis, Herbert Bradley, Edward Bradley, last row, Tom May, Wesley Butler, Amma [Anna?] Berry, Mary May, Bessie Givens. The teacher is Mrs. Annie Berry. (Our Thanks to Luther Smith of Florence, for this Scrapbook feature.)


NOTE from Pat M. Mahan: The newspaper and date of publication are not given. It is believed that this picture and article appeared in the Times Daily during the 1980s. It is also believed that the picture was taken later than 1910, because Ollie Ruth (May) Holt was only 4 years old in 1910. Chaple (May) Robertson, Bill May, Tom May and Mary May were the brothers and sisters of Ollie Ruth. Their parents were John Johnston May and Ada Matilda Belew.

Brush Creek School
Coffee High
Burcham Valley

Brush Creek School
Feb 5, 1915

Contributed by JoAnne Forsythe

The school was located three miles north of Killen, Alabama. This picture was taken at Harrisons Chapel Methodist Church. Those that can be identified are:
1st row, 7th from left - Louise Gist
2nd row, 9th from left - Vernon Cox
Top row, 4th from left - Richard Tidwell

According to Ronald Pettus, the following children are

pictured: First row left to right:  Ester Cox,  John

Wesley Ramer, Lily Philips,  Maud Haygood,  Vernie

Muse,  Albert Muse, Louise Tidwell,  Elmer Richardson, 

Emma McPeters, Douglas Gist,  Eva Cochran,  Homer

Haygood.  Second row: Palmer Haygood,  Martha

Evelyn Gist, Newt Haygood,  Johnnie McPeters, 

Clyde Owens,  Lyda Massey,  Elliot Grigsby,  Birdie

Haygood,  Mattie Cox, Bessie Muse  Third row: Charlie

Cochran,  Ona Grigsby,  Oscar Warren (Supt of Edu.), 

Richard Tidwell,  Eva Muse, Walter Thompson, 

teacher: Birdie Thornton, Eddie McGee, Ray Massey, Marvie Massey, Clarence Gist. If you can identify others, please contact JoAnne Forsythe.


Burcham Valley - 1917

This picture is located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

The caption reads: "...Left to right, first row - Irene Haddock, Vernon Cobb, Cornelia Daniel, Gladys Cobb, Bertha Haddock, Eugene Darby, Carroll Box, Douglas Daniel, Owen Haddock, Bessie Olive, teacher. Second row - Preacher Darby, Mary Hipp, Carmen Box, Myrtle Haddock, Gladys Box, Beatrice Cobb, Ray Austin, Third row -- Maude Darby Sudie Mae Cobb, Myrtle Cobb, Robert Darby, Clyce Haddock, Carl Bevis, Homer Daniel, Fourth row -- Myrtle Box, Maggie Foster, Vernon Darby, Viola Couch, Ada Daniel, Josie Daniel, Fifth row -- Clarence Darby, Vester Haddock, Price Darby, Homer Foster."

Central School

Central School

1949 From contributor Beverly Bryant: "This photo appears to be

Central School which my mother had mentioned in her 'autograph

book.'  My mother, Billie Ruth Murphy, dated the picture 1944.  She

is in the middle row, 5th from the right. I would like to know the

other students names if anyone can identify them.   Thank you."

Per Steve Cooper, the boy in the middle of the front row is possibly

his uncle, Bobby Young.

1949 - 1950 (Below) Contributed Aug 2006 by Marty Smith

1958  Contributed Aug 2006 by Marty Smith

Ebenezer School
Cloverdale School

Cloverdale School
ca 1936 - 1937

Submitted July 2002 by Beverly Bryant

From Beverly Bryant: "This photo of my mother's class at Cloverdale School was taken, I believe, about 1936 or 1937.  My mother, Billie Ruth Murphy, is on the bottom row, 4th from left.  I would like to get the names of the other children and teacher too if possible. Thank you."

On 24 Aug 2005, Beverly Bryant writes:

"Thanks to Steve Cooper and Alice Simmons Statom,

the students in this picture have been identified as


Front Row: Charles McCorkle, Audrey O'Bryant

(Daniels, Geans), Bernita Darby, Billie Ruth Murphy,

Mary Austin (G. D. Hendrix) (Dan Richardson), Roscoe

Murphy, Jr. Row 2: Hazel Wooten (Dalton Miles),

Verna Dean Goodman, Betty Jean Lovelace (Sherrod),

Lois Lewis (John Chowning), Arvel Creasy, Alice

Simmons (J. P. Statom). Row 3: Annie Ruth

Montgomery (Howard Whitten), Gurthia Hayes,

Harry Lee Sharp, Kenneth House, Carlos House,

Herbert Murphy, Ruby Price (O'Kelley), Teacher:

Miss Irene Fulmer. Top Row: J. R. Ward, Dewey Creasy, Juanita Montgomery (Alvin Valentine) (Neal Williams), Vernon Bates, Mary Easter Parrish (Edward Bevis), J. T. Foy 

Ebenezer School


Submitted Jan 2006 by Paul R. Parker

"Boys of Ebenezer School"

Left to right, names written on the picture are:  Jesse Michell, --odney, Willie Forsythe, Killen, Davis, Theodore Smith, Jesse Gray, Allen. Can someone tell which boy the names of Willie Forsythe and ___ Davis belong to, and which boys are not identified? The teacher was Grace Catlow prior to her marriage to Walter Parker.

Fords Mill School

1914 and 1917

Contributed 4 Oct 2006 by David Montgomery


This school no longer exists. It was located about 1/4 mile west of the present location.  The photo's of the students were taken at the first or original building before it burned to the ground. After the school burned, a Mr. Bud Shepherd who lived nearby, along with others of the area joined together and built a new school near the original site in 1931. Later, the school was moved in sections by placing logs under each section. They were moved to the present location and re-assembled. The men and families of the community gathered together, sawed down trees and built the building that stands today. It was used as a church and school as many were in those days. The building has been renovated a few times through the years also.  

WC Handy School
Powell School
HG Richards School

School Class Photo made at Ford's Mill 
on Second Creek, Waterloo, Alabama 1914

Back Row L-R
Dave Ticer, Dewey Fowler, Mamie Fowler, Victoria Shepherd, Margie Brewer, Lizzie Shepherd & Lewis Shepherd.

Middle Row L-R
Ola Weaver, Myrtle Ticer, Nora Fowler, Flora Shepherd, Hattie Williams (Teacher, daughter of John Williams), 
Clarie Lindsey, Lillian Ticer & May Sego

Front Row L-R
Jesse Perkins, Unie Geans, Ledford Qualls, Cid Fowler, Velma Weaver, Lois Ticer & Cora Sego.

Weeden School

Ford's Mill School - 1917

Back Row: L-R
Lois Ticer, Augzelle Gray, Lillian Ticer,

Gertie Holcombe, Velma Weaver, Myrtle

Stricklin, Amos Dubois or Amil Goodman,

unknown, unknown, unknown, Savier

McDaniel and (Teacher) Virgie Kirkpatrick.

Middle Row L-R
Onnie Gean, unknown, unknown,

unknown, Elmo Holcombe, Berlan Lard 
(son of John Robert Lard) or may be

Elan Hinton, unknown, Sallie Holcombe,

Nancy Lindsey, Edna Perkins, unknown,

& unknown.

Front Row L-R
Onus Lard, Luther Faulkner, Arthur

Holcombe, ???? Weston, Nora Lee 
McDaniel, Etta Lindsey, Etta Ticer, Hattie Weaver, Irene Freeman, Rosie Holcombe, Virgil Hinton, Ancel Hinton & Jewel Hinton.

[These students were identified by Mildred Mason and others. If you know those marked as unknown, with questionmarks, or wrongly identified, please e-mail David Montgomery.]

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