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Lucinda Cantrell Cockburn Hayes Bible

Contributed by by Edgar D. Byler, III, July 2, 1999

Original owned by Mrs. T. H. (Gladys) Sherer, 207 E. First St., Tuscumbia, AL 35674. Transcribed from a xerox copy in the possession of Edgar D. Byler, III, 201 First Ave N., Collinwood, TN 38450. This Bible record was previously published in "The River Counties" edited by Jill K. Garrett of Columbia, TN. It appeared in Volume V, Number 1, January 1976, pages 18 & 19. The transcription provided here is a revised and corrected version. No title page submitted.



D. R. Howell was borned in 1842 Apr 17th
Thirza Cantrell was borned Sept 18 1845
D. R. Howell & Thirza Cantrell was married Nov 6, 1866
Lenoir C. Howell was borned July 27 1867 in the State of Tennessee Hardin County
Arthur R. Howell was borned May 10 1869 in the State of Tennessee Hardin County



[first column]
Mary Cantrell was born December 29th Day 1771
Lenoir Cantrell was born April 7th Day 1795
James W Cantrell was born November 29th 1800
[blank space]
Milly Cantrell was born June 26th 1818
[second column]
Loucinda Cantrell was born June 25th Day 1810
Cathren Cantrell was born May the 22 day 1792



[first column]
Josiah Thornton was born Aug the 22 Day 1758
Sally Thornton was born Mar the 1 day 1765
Elizabeth Thornton was born Mar the 8 Day 1781
Thomas Thorntn was born Dec the 15 Day 1785
Sparling Thornton was born Feb the 14 Day 1786
Rhoda Thornton was born Dec the 27 Day 1788
Elener Thornton was born July the 6 Day 1791
Isaac Thornton was born Jan the 22 Day 1794
Josiah Thorntn was born Mar the 11 Day 1796
Sally Thornton was born June the 7 Day 1798
[second column]
William Thornton was born Apr the 5 Day 1806[or 1804]
Mordicai Thornton was born Dec the 21 Day 1800
Thurza Thornton was born June the 16 Day 1805
Mahala Thornton was born Sep the 16 Day 1809



[first column]
John Cantrell departed this Life Oct 4th Day 1836
Mary Cantrell departed this life September 8 Day 1847
James W. Cantrell departed this Life April 24th Day 1858
[second column]
Canny Coburn died Jan 24th 1842
Luisa Peaulina Coburn died July 11th 1833
Nancy M. Coburn died Sept 24th 1836
McKinley Coburn died Nov 3rd 1854
Canny Coburn Jr did December 6th 1867
Headley Coburn died Sept 30th 1873
John Coburn died Nov 1st 1888
Mrs. Lucinda Hays died July 30th AD 1895



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Births [all in same handwriting]
Canny Coburn Sr was borned June 23rd 1803
Lucinda Coburn was borned June 25th 1810
Nancy Coburn was borned July 5th 1828
Headley Coburn was borned April 10th 1830
Louisa Paulina Coburn was borned Dec 26th 1832
John Coburn was borned June 21st 1834
McKinley Coburn was borned Dec 24th 1836
Seletha Coburn was borned August 24th 1839
Canny Coburn Jr was borned March 2nd 1842

End of Record

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