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Organizational Meeting of Lauderdale County's Ex-Confederates

Contributed by Lee Freeman


SOURCE: Florence Herald, Saturday, November 16, 1889, p. 2.

To the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors of Lauderdale County, Ala.

A State Veteran's Association has been formed at Birmingham, with the design of relieving disabled Confederates, their widows and orphans. It is needless to urge upon you the propriety of forming an Auxiliary organization for this county. You are therefore requested to meet at the court house in Florence, at noon, on Saturday, Nov. 30th, 1889:


RN. Coffee              Jno. H. Martin

R. L. Bliss                M. L. Frierson

B. P. Joiner              Wm. J. Nelson

E. A. O'Neal              J. M. Crow

S. S. Ives                 J. W. Morgan

A. C. Chisholm         S. C. Lee

Robt McFarland       Andrew Brown

T. R. Powers            J. T. Morgan

J. C. Conner             Wm. B. Wood

W. C. Sherrod          H. C. Wood

Jas. Burtwell           R. A. Petty

J. B. White              W. P. Campbell

B. B. Shane             M. B. Shelton

G. W. Karsner          Henry B. Lee

W. M. Price             I. S. Barr

A. J. Walker             J. R. Price

H. W. Sample          H. A. Moody

L. C. Allen               A. T. Linder

Wm. Linder            W. F. Anderson

G. W. Franklin         W. P. S. Kerr

A. D. Lewis             B. F. Chisholm

J. W. Stewart          W. L. T. Hicks

Jno M Hays            N L Crow

Jno L Crow             F D McMillan

D C Crow               J D Ragland

A Green                 W B Wood

J R Price                M W Morris

S L Young              B P Jett

Wm Simpson         W P Butler

John Flynt              C A Reeder

W J Chester            E M Irvine

J Acklin                  J T Howell

R E Coburn            Thos White

J M Angel              W A Bingham

R D Martin             W E Blair

R T Simpson          T F Duncan

J F Steele              B F Powers

H B Allen               T E Smoot

G W Crawford         S C Brown

J C Kendrick            S Y Fowler

H R Hill                  J W Brooks

Cutler Smith           W H Price

Jerry McCluskey       J C Hindson

C S Wesson            M Commander


This petition contains the names of 125 veterans, but owing to lack of space, a number were omitted. [We will print them in our next issue with other names which may be added.] 

Note: The updated list was never published.



SOURCE: Florence Herald, Wednesday, December 4, 1889, p. 2.

And Organize a County Association- A Constitution Adopted and Officers Elected.

The ex-Confederates of Lauderdale county met at the court house Saturday at 12 o'clock. The purpose was the organization of a county association to work in conjunction with the state association, recently organized at Birmingham, and to provide homes and means for the support of ex-Confederate soldiers and their widows and orphans. Col. R. O. Pickett, was called to the chair. Messrs. Alexander, Chisholm, and Jno. Ragland were appointed secretaries. Gov. O'Neal, in a very touching and eloquent manner, delivered a few remarks explaining the aims and purposes of the association. He paid a glowing tribute to the dead heroes and the cause for which they fought. He commended the plan to the veterans and urged the necessity of providing for indigent veterans and the widows of orphans of soldiers. He briefly sketched the plan and work of the state association. One other important object of the association, which he urged, was the keeping of the history of those who participated in the war for historians to write a correct history of the conflict, that future generations might look back and be proud of their ancestors who fought for the lost cause. Gov. O'Neal presented a draft of a constitution and by-laws, which were modeled after the state constitution, and which were adopted. An election of officers for the year was next in order and the following were elected: 

Gen. E. A. O'Neal, president. 
Maj. J. H. Field, A. W. Oliver, Hiram Richardson and A. H. Killen, vice-presidents; 
Alexander Chisholm, secretary; 
H. D. Smith, treasurer; 
Andrew Brown, keeper of the records; 
N. L. Crow, marshal; 
Rev. J. C. Hudson, chaplain. 

It was moved and adopted to send the constitution etc., to the headquarters of the state association, together with the names and rank of each veteran signed to the original document, calling the meeting to order. The association will meet the first Saturday in August of each year.

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