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Robert Meadows: A Union Soldier's Grave

Contributed by David Leon Montgomery, March 13, 2005


Union Soldier’s Grave
Lauderdale County, Alabama
Lat: 34° 59' 57'' N
Lon: 87° 45' 51'' W


I was informed about this grave by an individual who lives in the immediate area of this grave. He has hunted the surrounding woods almost all of his life and has known of its location for many years. According to this person, the grave was excavated by a person/persons probably looking for Civil War  relics. The person/persons digging in the earth dug down to about 5 feet deep. By most grave standards, it is believed that they didn’t know which side of the stone to dig. There was never any evidence anything was found, because it is believed they dug on the wrong side. The headstone was removed from the gravesite in the 1980’s and was gone for about two years. Suddenly, it was returned and placed in the exact spot with the lettering to the west as originally placed. 

As can be seen in the accompanying photo, the soldier, Robert (Rob’t) Meadows was attached to Company “G” of the 2nd Tennessee Infantry. In the rosters found, he was attached to Company “D” of the 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, a Union Army unit. He was about 19 years old and enlisted on January 15, 1864.



Photographs courtesy of David Leon Montgomery

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