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1914 Confederate Pensioners

Contributed by Lee Freeman June 2004

SOURCE: Florence Herald, Thursday, October 1, 1914, p. 2.


List of Those Reinstated on the Pension List


The State Pension Board at Montgomery has written Judge James F. Koonce of Florence, enclosing the following list of Confederate Veterans who have been restored to their original place [o]n the pension roll:


B. T. Allen

Eli Arnold

Mary Brumley

Thomas Burgin

J. C. Chesser

C. H. Coffman

John A. Copeland

D. C. Crow

G. W. Duncan

T. J. Duncan

John Foust

Mrs. E. C. Fulton

Mary E. Green

Miles Maroell

Lula R. Hipp

G. W. Kelley

Susan J. Killen

A. L. Lindsey

W. E. Mann

Sarah May

J. O. A. Pace

Mary E. Parrish

Julia B. Powers

Mary Jane R[o]bertson

Celeste Till

Caroline Wallace

Sarah A. Williams

Mrs. T. J. Joiner

Mary A. Martin

Velma? Farris

Mary E. Young

Levina Morrison


These parties drew a pension until sometime ago when the roll was revised and 67 names were stricken from it. Judge Koonce believed that in many instances those who had been deprived [o]f the meager reward for the valiant services they or their loved [ones] rendered the cause for which the South struggled, were justly entitled to the little pension. H[e] therefore set about t[o] bring justice to bear. For [more] than a month he spared neither time nor money in collecting information that would prove them deserving. He went to Montgomery and appeared in person before the Confederate Pension Board with the result that thirty-four have been fully restored to the [li]st of pensioners, and three, Mrs. S. E. Green, A. W. Green, and W. A. Phillips, have been continued until December next. Judge Koonce is confident that they will [also be] restored, making a total [of] 37.

This means that ab[o]ut $3,000 will be paid to the Conf[ed]era[te] Veterans of Laud[e]rdale county that, had it not been for the untiring and strenuous [e]fforts [of] Judge Koonce, never would hav[e] reached them. It is justly the[i]rs and they should have it.

Many of our citizens are under lasting obligations to Judge Koonce for his successful efforts in their behalf.

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