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People (R - W)

These images are the faces of our ancestors and their neighbors and friends. The comments accompanying these photos were provided by the contributor.  We would very much like to update the email addresses of the contributors to enable collaboration among potential family members; if you have contributed a photo, please email


Contributed by James Richards

Rochanner (called Roxie and Roxanne) Griffin b September 03, 1856 in Arkansas, married October 05, 1872 in Pope Co., Arkansas to Richard Randolph Reynolds b. August 20, 1842 Lauderdale Co., Ala. They moved to Lauderdale County after the marriage.

Female children (left to right): Janie Myrtle Reynolds b Oct 18, 1887 d Aug 5, 1966 Loretto, TN, the baby is Mary Vernon Reynolds b March 17, 1893, d November 15, 1970 Iron City, TN.; the girl on her father's lap is Pearl Dee Reynolds b Oct 11, 1890 d Feb 25, 1985 Loretto, TN. All the girls are buried in Loretto, TN.

Now the boys I'm not sure of. I'm pretty sure the boy in front is George Litton Reynolds b. November 10, 1873 d 1960 Birmingham, Ala. He lived in and owned the James K. Polk home for 10 years here in Columbia, TN. The others could be Virgil Floyd Reynolds b Jan 6, 1885 and Edwin Theopolis Reynolds b 5/26/1882 d Dec 16, 1955 may be the taller one. there was one other brother James Randolph Reynolds b. June 19, 1877 that died in 1883 while young.


Contributed by Sonya Richardson McLauchlin

Photo taken about 1906

Front row: Rose Wisdom, Velma Richardson, 
Elmer Richardson (b 1905), Edna Richardson

Back row: Blevey Smith, Missy Richardson, 
Lando Harrison, Bess Wisdom, Bradley Cox, 
Lucy Richardson

Edna Richardson is my great-grandmother.

Contributed 19 Sep 1999 by Donna Risner


Thomas White Risner (1856, TN - 1925 Lauderdale County, AL) married 13 Aug 1876 Martha Jane "Sissie" Brewer born 1855, TN) Thomas and Sissie had the following children:
Missy - m. James Glasscock
Nancy Emma - m. George Scott
Sally - m. ?
John - m. Annie Brewer
James Lee - m. Roxie Hamm
Richard "Dick" - m. Ella Jane Ward

Thomas's parents were Alfred Risner, b. 1836, and 
Elizabeth Early, b. 1829. Alfred and Elizabeth married  1 Feb 1864. Sissie Brewer's parents were Henry Jefferson "Jeff" Brewer, (14 Nov 1825 - 10 Feb 1905, Wayne County, TN) and Martha "Patsy" Pritchett, (b. 1835, TN).


Contributed 7 Dec 2003 by Dan Wood

Standing L to R: Claud Roy, Louis, Porter and Lyle [sons of Mary Emmajean Weatherford]
Seated: John Wesley holding stepdaughter Bertie Mae Parker, Jeanette Eliza "Nettie" Cheek Parker Robertson holding son John Robertson, Jr.  John Wesley Robertson was the youngest child of Mills and Maryann Odom Robertson. He was born in Lauderdale County, February 05, 1867 and died in Eliza Coffee Hospital in Florence, July 31, 1943. He married Mary Emmajean Weatherford in 1888 in Lauderdale County, he married second to Jenette "Nettie" Cheek in Brownwood, Texas in 1904.


Contributed 7 Dec 2003 by Dan Wood

John Wesley Robertson and second wife Jeanette Eliza Cheek Parker Robertson. This picture was taken about 1940. Both are buried at Wright Cemetery, Wright, Alabama. They are my maternal grandparents as I remember them.

John Wesley Robertson, youngest child of Mills and Maryann Odom Robertson, was born in Lauderdale County, February 05, 1867 and died in Eliza Coffee Hospital in Florence, July 31, 1943. He married Mary Emmajean Weatherford in 1888 in Lauderdale County, he married second to Jenette "Nettie" Cheek in Brownwood, Texas in 1904.


Contributed 7 Dec 2003 by Dan Wood

This is a tin-type of Mills Robertson, born January 7, 1826 near Greenhill, Alabama, died about 1872 and is said to be in a common grave with his 12 year old son, George, in the Wright Cemetery at Wright, Alabama. He married 
Mary Ann Odom, July 1, 1847 in Lauderdale County.  

I would like any data on ancestors of Mills, I believe he was the son of Archer and Sally Robertson, {her last name unknown} and the grandson of John Tyre Robertson of Robertson Community near Greenhill.


Contributed 18 Mar 2008 by Mary Wisdom

Alois and Crescentia (Apfelbeck) Schmidlkofer

Peter & Josephine (Eckl) Schmidlkofer

The Schmidlkofers in front of the home Alois built.
Left to right:  Annie, Clara, Elenora, Alois, Margaretha, Crescentia (Apfelback), Frank and Peter Joseph, owner of the Florence Yellow Cab for many years


Contributed 18 Mar 2008 by Mary Wisdom

Alois Schmidlkofer (1847 - 1917)


Crescentia (Apfelbeck) Schmidlkofer (1844 - 1928)

Contributed 18 Mar 2008 by Mary Wisdom


Peter Schmidlkofer (1881 - 1957)


Josephine (Eckl) Schmidlkofer (1887 - 1957)


Contributed by M Mason

Mary Elizabeth "Molly" (Sego) Scott and son James Allen Scott


Contributed 8 Feb 2005 by Dan Wood

Adron Sharp was born August 21, 1810, in Patrick County, Virginia, and came to the Lauderdale County area about 1820 with his parents and siblings. Adron and his wife Martha Lamb had 7 children. He had a mill on Brush Creek, which was burned by the Yankees during the Civil War. His home was moved and restored on the property of a local couple. Adron was the father of Rutha Barton Sharp Wood. He died in a flu epidemic December 04, 1882, in Booneville, Logan County, Arkansas.

Contributed 31 Dec 2003 by Bobby Roberson

(Photo taken about 1925)

Mary Helen is on the right. The sisters were raised in the 
Wright Community.  Their parents were Harl and Lula Wood Sharp.


Contributed by David Montgomery


According to Jack Jones, who is the grandson of William Clarence Jones, in the back row between the two ladies, the following names are correct:

Back Row L-R: Jenny Franks, William Clarence Jones & Kate Skinner Jones.

Middle Row L-R: John Jones, Sarah Elizabeth (Hitt) Skinner, Thomas Henry Skinner & Jim Jones.


Front Row L-R: Hattie Jones, Maude Franks & George Jones


Contributed 19 Feb 2001
by Carol Snoddy Byler

Some of the people in this picture have been identified. Can anyone identify the others?  


Contributed Nov 2005 by Steve Springer

John Springer was born 13 May 1813, Union Co SC and died 26 Jan 1890, Lauderdale Co AL.  He was the son of Aaron and Ruth (Little) Springer. This picture hung in the back room of my grandparents home near Sweet Gum. That room was formerly a bedroom that was divided into a bathroom and a closet/dressing room. One of my earliest childhood memories is of using the bathroom under the watchful eye of GG-grandfather John Springer. My favorite story that my grandmother told me about was when he crossed the Tennessee River on a horse and led one behind him to get his grandchildren following the death of his daughter Catherine Springer Sledge Chandler. This daughter had remarried following the death of her first husband, Sterling Green Sledge, at the Battle of Franklin and had moved across the river with her second husband. Word came to John that Catherine had died and that the children were being "mistreated" - I never knew if that was abuse, or just neglect at the hands of a grieving widower who was ill-prepared to care for young children. Whatever it was, John took them to his home and reared them there. I respect that kind of love and action.

I am the grandson of Henry Dee Springer, son of John Jacob Springer, son of John Springer, son of Aaron Springer.


Submitted 8 Jul 2001 by Joe Townsend


Ben C. Thigpen was the son of Joseph C. Thigpen and Matilda C. Davis.  He was b. Oct 16, 1857 in Lauderdale Co., AL d. Feb 10, 1946, buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., AL and his 2nd wife Fannie Gray Michael Thigpen.


Fannie was the daughter of Ephrain Newton "Newt" Gray and Susan C. Balzora Danley b. July 16, 1872 in Lauderdale Co. d. Oct 25, 1963, buried Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., AL.

Ben was my great grandfather.


Contributed by Jerry D Webb

Martha "Mattie" J. Thigpen b. 6/25/1868 d. 7/23/1911.

She was the daughter of Joseph Crittenden Thigpen and Matilda C. Davis.  Martha married Henry Augustus Hill on 9/17/1885 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.    

Benjamin Washington Watson Family

Contributed 14 Apr 2001 by Willard Stallings

Picture taken in Lauderdale County, Alabama about 1912

Seated on ground, L to R: Clarence Baggett, son of Bob and Oder "Watson" Baggett, and Dessie Jackson, daughter of Odus and Velma "Watson" Jackson.

Child in chair: James Allen Watson, son of Walter & Ophelia "Teuten" Watson. Next is Benjamin Washington "Doc" Watson and wife, Lucy Moore Watson. Standing next to Lucy is Ethel Watson, daughter of Walter & Ophelia Watson, then Neder Watson, twin sister to Neely Moore Watson

Second row: young man directly behind Lucy, is Edgar Earlie Watson and Neely Moore Watson.

Back row L to R: Ophelia "Teuten" Watson, Walter Watson, Bob Baggett, Oder "Watson" Baggett (holding baby, Verta Baggett), Odus Jackson, Velma "Watson" Jackson, (holding baby Pearl Jackson), Jessie Comer and Bessie Watson Comer. 


Contributed 9 July 2000 by Carol Snoddy Byler

Can someone identify those that are marked WHO AM I ??? in the following list.  

               1 Archie Benton Snoddy                  23 Lennie Walton
               2 Mavis Phillips Snoddy                  24 Cornelia Nugent
               3 Jessie Lela Snoddy                      25 Norman White
               4 Percy Snoddy                             26 WHO AM I ????
               5 Edward Snoddy                          27 Emma White Snoddy
               6 John Alvis Lamar                        28 WHO AM I ????
               7 Thomas David Snoddy                 29 WHO AM I ????
               8 Wilma Snoddy Lamar                  30 Hershel White ??
               9 WHO AM I ????                           31 Buddy White
              10 Eli Walton                                 32 Alice White Nugent
              11 Daniel Benton White                   33 Sara Jane White
              12 Minnie White Walton                  34 Henry White
              13 Ernestine Walton                       35 Marvella White Kelly
              14 Ophelia Walton Butler                36 Verta Nugent Haraway
              15 Sarah Thornton White                37 Tom White
              16 Tommy Walton                         38 Anna White
              17 Edwin White                             39 Sam Nugent
              18 Benton White                           40 Verge White
              19 WHO AM I ????                          41 Ester Nugent
              20 Burgis White                           42 Shannon Nugent
              21 Johnny Nugent                         43 Della White
              22 Lula Walton Pettus                   44 Addie Nugent


Contributed by Dorothy Foster

Sarah Jane (Thigpen) White was born 15 Aug 1845, Lauderdale Co AL, died 14 Jan 1923, Lauderdale Co AL. She was the daughter of George Washington and Elizabeth (King) Thigpen. On 23 Jul 1866, Sarah Jane married Drury Franklin White (9 Apr 1846 - 19 Oct 1892) the son of Daniel and Elmina (Barnett) White. Drury Franklin and Sarah Jane (Thigpen) White had ten children:

Gip and Peggy, the two oldest, died young
Jessie Minton, b 1870, m Naomi Alfreda King
George Frank, b 1873, never married
Hulda Viola b 1875, m Benjamin Cross McGee
Ira Bluford, b 1877, m John Turner Beavers
Alonzo Washington, b 1881, m Lillie Bell Gray
Martha Jamima, b 1885, m George Bennie McGee
Mary Rose, b 1889, m James Wilson Putman

Sarah Jane (Thigpen) White is my great grandmother. The two daughters pictured with her are the youngest daughters, (Martha and Rose), but I do not know which is which.


Submitted 22 Aug 2002 by Ken Willis

My ggrandparents, George A. Willis and his  wife, Mary Leona Whitten Willis. The child in George's lap is my granddaddy Ottie Boone Willis born in Cloverdale in 1884. The girl in back is Linnie Paulk, step-daughter of George A. Willis.  


Contributed 2 Feb 2005 by Dan Wood

Bennett "Hamp" was born March 24, 1837 and died April 15, 1907. He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, near Wright, Alabama.

Rutha was born May 1841 and died November 1903.
She is buried at Wright Cemetery. 


Hamp was a CSA soldier in the Alabama 35th Infantry and was captured at the Battle of Champion Hill. He was interred at Fort Delaware, Delaware. He built the first of many structures in The "Melton Hollow" probably in the 1880's.


Contributed 6 Oct 2006 by David Montgomery

This is the old Mel White Homeplace on Bumpus Creek Road. It no longer stands. Note the bucket and dipper on the shelf by the door.

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