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Unidentified Photos

Unknown No. 76 - No. 80 

The people and places pictured on these pages are not identified. There is a brief note about each picture. If you can name the place or identify the people, or if you have a picture that you can't identify from Lauderdale County and would like to place it here, please e-mail

UNKNOWN NO. 76, NO. 77 and NO. 78

Contributed by Paul Parker

The following pictures came from the estate of Katharene Walker.  All were taken during the early 1940's at the Old Mars Hill Church, and may have been taken on the same day. Katharene is on the right in the third picture.

UNKNOWN NO. 79 and NO. 80

Contributed by Barbara Moser

[Below] are pictures of a couple whom I feel are members of a Robinson family who lived in the area of Greenhill, Lauderdale county.  The source is uncertain, but they may have come from the home of Juliet Cornelia (Nellie) Robinson Green.

Unknown No. 80.JPG
Unknown No. 79.JPG
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