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We appreciate these contributors for sharing their images of early Lauderdale County businesses.  Imagine your ancestor passing through these doors to do business!  If you have contributed one of these photos, please email so we can update your email address.

Submitted July 2002 by Charlotte Shelton

The man on the back row is Paul Harris who was the boss.  The man on the front row, 3rd from left, with white hair and legs crossed is John Luther Harris. I cannot identify anyone else. 


Submitted 1 Feb 2000 by Pat McDonald

L to R: Robert Chandler (neighbor), Fernando "Bud" McDonald, and wife Lydia (Holland) McDonald, and Nora McDonald born 1880.   The horse was named Bob. The Holland Inn was built on the TN/AL border by Thomas Holland, probably in the 1830s.  The property descended to his son, Harrison H. Holland, and later to his granddaughter, Lydia H. (Holland) McDonald, and then to her children. The building has been destroyed by fire. Photo courtesy of McDonald family, made around the turn of century.


Contributed 10 Oct 1999 by Peggy Joice Horton

William T. NEWTON standing in front of the NEWTON STORE in Lexington, Alabama, which was first opened by his father, William Ananais "Tickie" NEWTON.  John James NEWTON, the oldest son of W. A. NEWTON,  also worked and assisted in the operation of the store. The second post office in Lexington was located in the NEWTON STORE, and William T. NEWTON was a Rural Route mail carrier.


Contributed 7 Apr 2000 by Don Chandler

Water Powered Grist Mill at Oliver, Ala., 1907; The following numbers and names correspond with the picture:

1. Marian Cheatham

2. Joe Lentz

3. Monte Bedingfield

4. Solon B. Chandler

5. Prentice Chandler

6. Shaler Massey

7. Billy Cheatham

8. Yate Wallace

9. James W. Hooie

10. Olie Bedinfield

11. Joe Miller

12. Lushion H. Wallace

13. Rubin Waddell

14.  Sam Lovell     15. Bill Miller     16. John Allen Chandler     17. Matt McLemore     18. Martin Polk Hooie           19. John "Moocher" Bedingfield     20. Roy Hudson     21. Joe Hendrix     22.  Van Adams     23. Henry Porter       24. Charlie "Muggan" Bedingfield     25. Odie Cheatham     26.  Tommy Hagood     27. Aubrey Chandler             28. Baylis Haraway     29. Tommy Bedingfield     30. Lent Lovell     31. Will Chandler


Contributed 24 Sep 2000 by Pat McDonald

This postcard was mailed to Mrs. F. S. McDonald, St. Joseph, TN sometime in the early 1900s.  She was the former Lydia H. Holland (1852-1932).  The only message on the card is "Guess Who."  It was mailed in Florence, with a one cent stamp, but the date is not legible.  The card was printed in Germany. Although the card is in pretty good condition, it was not possible to get the details properly in an image suitable for the web.  The caption below says, "Interior View of the J. W. Stutts Drug Co's. Store, Florence, Ala."

There is no indication as to whether the gentleman is J. W. Stutts or not, but one might expect he was. I don't know of any J. W. Stutts, nor do I know where this drug store was in Florence.  Perhaps one of the visitors to this site will be able to tell us more.

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