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Ethnic Records & Resources

Lauderdale County's heritage has been enriched by the contributions of folks of all races and creeds--from our Native American ancestors, to our German and Dutch settlements, to our African American population, to the Jewish community--we are blessed to count diverse ethnicities among our local historical predecessors.  Below are some links to some of our resources for further research.

Abolitionists (Newspaper transcriptions)


African American Obituaries (Newspaper transcriptions)


Emancipation Papers (Transcriptions from County Deed Books)


African American Fraternal Organizations (Newspaper transcriptions)


Freedmen's Bureau (Newspaper transcriptions)


Miscellaneous African American Newspaper Items (Newspaper transcriptions)


Runaway Slave Notices (Newspaper transcriptions)

African American Schools (Newspaper transcriptions)


Slave Sales (Newspaper transcriptions)


African American Funeral Programs (Index from Library collection)


"Colored Men Off For War" (World War I Newspaper transcription)



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