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"Colored Men Off For War"

SOURCE: Florence Times, Friday, July 19, 1918, p. 4.




Twenty-Five Soldiers Left Florence
Yesterday for Camp Pike


Following the departure of twenty-one white men for Camp Sevier last Tuesday, on yesterday twenty-five colored men took their departure for military service, their destination being Camp Pike. The list is composed of the following names:


Bodie Cuningham

George Armstead

Ernest Williams

Joe Parker

Howard Harden

Henry E. Harris

Richard Simpson

George W. Mitchell

Henry Simpson

Sam Stewart

Dan Houston

Theodore Gray

Tom Shears

Arthur Weakley

Joe Edwards

Jack Bailey

Jesse Ingram

Tom Shelton

Will Duncan

William Thompson

Alonzo Reed

Horace J. Freeman

Jesse Barnett

Shelby Timmons

Ed Duckett



Luther Johnson

Ed Vaughn

Alex Armstead

William Wilson

Jackson Hooks

Fayette Brewster

Tenny Simpson

Ed Rushing

Cornelius Beasley

Albert Wilson


Following these two contingents, on the 25th of July, next, forty-five white men will leave Florence for Camp Hancock, Ga., to join the colors. It is announced that this last contingent will leave at 5 o'clock in the morning.

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