Circuit Court Records

Circuit courts are sometimes called "courts of general jurisdiction," overseeing both civil and criminal cases via jury trial. You may find your ancestors' names in these records as plaintiffs, defendants, legal counsel, jurors or witnesses.


Final Record Civil & State Circuit Court 1825-1826

  Hugh Erwin, Assignee vs. John M. Campbell (Debt)

  James L. Armstrong, Assignee vs. George W. Campbell, John M. Campbell (Debt)

  Thomas L. Kelly vs. John W. Byrn (Debt)

  Lowe & Manning vs. Edward B. Brown (Case)

  Jonathan Beckwith, Administrator vs. Henry J. Hawkins & Caleb Hawkins (Debt)

  John Simpson & Co. vs. Samuel Bryant (Covenant)

  David Boshart, Assignee vs. George Evins/Evans (Debt)

  Henry Anderson, Assignee vs. Anthony H. Davies & Nathaniel H. Marks (Debt)

  Henry Anderson, Assignee vs. William M. Campbell (Debt)

  Thomas McKissack, Assignee vs. Isaac Hudson & Others (Debt)

  John Chisholm & Others, Executors vs. Edward & Oliver Gressom (Covenant Broken)

  Nathaniel Futrel vs. Ira Gains & Abijah Best (Debt)

  William Shepperd vs. Matthew & James Reed (Debt)

  Egbart G. Sheppard vs. Micajah Lyon & Thomas Cunningham (Debt)

  Elias E. Byrn vs. George W. Campbell (Debt)

  William Talbert vs. Samuel Scott, Surviving Partner of Lowry & Scott (case)

  James McGowan vs. William F. Withers & Samuel H. Byrn (Debt)

  John Simpson vs. Ezekiel K. Hudnall (Debt)

  John Hodge, Assignee vs. Hezekiah Spann and Uriah Nanne(y) (Covenant)

  Daniel Brein, Assignee vs. George Zachariah (Debt)

  Peter Blow vs. Campbell & Elms (Debt)

  Peter Blow, Assignee vs. Thomas Ross (Debt)

  James Lassiter vs. William Garrard (Debt)

  William W. Woods (use of David W. McKee & Presley Ward) vs. John Coffee, James Jackson & John McKinley (Trustees)         (Case)

  Thomas W. Edwards vs. Chapple Sledge (Bill for Injunction)

  George Cockburn vs. Walden Fuller (Case)

  Jessee U. Evans vs. Samuel E. McCabe (Case)

  Alfred Norman vs. William George (Debt)

  George W. Bruce vs. Samuel Alden (Case)

  Littleberry Leftwich vs. William M. Campbell & Daniel Elms (Debt)

  Martin P. Harrow vs. John Craig (Appeal)

  Maximilan H. Buchanan & Others vs. John Webb (Appeal)

  James Irvine, Assignee vs. Levi Todd (Appeal)

  Trotter & McGonegal vs. Lemuel Rodgers (Appeal)

  George Simmons, Assignee vs. James Gordn (Appeal)

  James Erwin, Assignee vs. Joseph D. Greaves

  William Kidd vs. William W. Garrard (Debt)

  James Arnett for use of Benjamin Glover vs. George W. Snead

  James Erwin, Assignee vs. William Middleton

  James Irvine, Administrator vs. Samuel Kinley

  James Gordon vs. Samuel Maxwell

  John Wright vs. Ezekiel K. Hudnell (Covenant)

  Francis Anderson vs. John J. Winston (Case)

  Isaac Fort vs. Thomas McDonald and William McDonald (Debt)

  William Kidd, Assignee, etc. vs. Addison Wigglesworth & Benjamin Estes (Debt)

  William Kidd, Assignee vs. Addison Wigglesworth (Debt)

  James L. Armstrong, Assignee vs. Campbell & Elms

  James L. Armstrong, Assignee vs. Thomas McDonald (Case)

  Thomas McDonald vs. James L. Armstrong

  Susannah Wood vs. Hugh Campbell & Edmund Harrison

  Weaver & Spear vs. Michael Fox (Case)

  James Bass & William Elder for use of James Bass vs. Dudley Brown (Debt)

  Alexander Wooton vs. Robert Bradon (Debt)

  Thomas McKissack, Administrator vs. Isaac Hudson & Others (Debt)

  James l. Armstrong vs. William Whitsett (Debt)

  John D. Spain vs. John Harris (Covenant)

  James Irvine, Administrator vs. George W. Stokes (Debt)

  Nelson P. Jones vs. Turner Walston (Covenant)

  Aaron Lancaster vs. John Maxcey (Trespass)

  Fox & Bourland vs. Daniel Job(e) (Case)

  H. Anderson & Co. vs. Hezekiah McDole (Case)

  Alexander Barker vs. Nathan Boddie (Case)

  T & J Kirkman vs. John Austin (Debt)

  T & J Kirkman vs. Thomas H. Alsup (Debt)

  Henry Bond vs. James Irvine (Debt)

  Henry Anderson vs. Joseph D. Graves (Certiorari)

  Augustine Smith vs. John Donaldson (Debt)

  John D. Tompkins, Assignee vs. John Moors (Debt)

  Joseph D. Greaves vs. William Adkinson (Case)

  Simeon Marsh, Assignee vs. Isaac Crow, Alfred Casey & Thomas Prewit (Debt)

  John Paul, Executor, etc. vs. William L. S. Barton (Debt)

  Henry Anderson vs. John H. Woodcock (Case)

  Benjamin Seixas vs. William M. Burton (Case)

  Thomas J. Crow vs. William C. Bruce (Debt)

  T & J Kirkman vs. William W. Garrard (Debt)

  John Jackson vs. William L. Wilson (Trespass)

  Richard B. Dallum & Samuel Bowan, Adminstrators vs. Henry Garrard (Debt)

  Abner Rose, Jr. vs. Lemuel Rogers (Case)

  Edward Trainor vs. Catharine Looney (Case)


Circuit Court Records 1843-1850

NOTE: To see the images of these records, please visit the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library Digital Archives site here.

  Section 1: October 2, 1843 - March 29, 1847 

  Section 2: March 29, 1847 - April 6, 1850


Circuit Court Records 1850-1856

  Section 1: September 30, 1850 - April 11, 1853

  Section 2: April 11, 1853 - October 23, 1856


Circuit Court Minutes 1856-1860

  Section 1: April 14, 1856 - April 1, 1858

  Section 2: October 4, 1858 - April 2, 1860