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It's a beautiful site to see groups of neighbors and friends enjoying the company of one another --whether it's as a sporting team, a choir or even a grand jury.  These photos offer snapshots into the interests and activities of our ancestors.  If you contributed one of these photos, please email so we can update your contact information.


Contributed 22 Sep 1999 by Donna Risner

Thomas Risner's 480 acre cotton field in west Lauderdale County, AL

Left to Right:
James Lee "Jim" Risner (5/11/1890 - 1/16/1961), ? Buchannon (banker), J. R. Hill, Thomas Risner (2/13/1914 - 4/20/1988), Early Risner (6/25/1911 - 6/4/1985), Grady Risner (12/26/1921 - 12/18/1967), Hubert Hamm, and John Hamm (b. 1905).

Thomas, Early and Grady were brothers. Jim Risner was their father. Hubert Hamm was Jim Risner's brother-in-law.

GRAND JURY 1915-1918

Contributed 8 Feb 2005 by Dan Wood

This is a grand jury of Lauderdale County, probably about 1915-1918.
My Grandfather, John Pugh Wood, is on the extreme right on the step side. The young man on the top left in the hat is his son, William Claude Wood. I have heard William Claude was not supposed to be in the picture and was chastised by his dad. I hope someone can identify some of the jurors.


Contributed 8 Feb 2005 by Dan Wood

My grandfather, John Pugh Wood, is on the first step, next to the man 
seated on step side. Some of the people have surnames on them, as 
I can see them they are Geans, Haddock, Rhodes, Mabe, Scott and Keel. The picture was taken in front of the second courthouse.


Contributed 31 Jan 2000 by Pat McDonald

Some of these players were from Green Hill, Lauderdale County,  AL.

Front row:    Bob Williams, John Hill, Houston Atwell, Fisher Killen, Raleigh Green, Bruce Killen

Middle row:   Gil Williams (with hand raised)

Back Row:   Charlie Reeves,  Henry Killen, Ollie Killen,  Alonzo Green, Tom Hill (pitcher),  Marshall McDonald (catcher), Tom Matthews, Virgil Killen.

Neal McDonald, son of Marshall, says he thinks there is an Atwell here, but he cannot identify him.  Marshall McDonald was born 1885.  His brother-in-law, Ollie Killen was born 1886.  Alonzo Green was born 1884.

Date of photo not known.  Photo courtesy McDonald family.   

Team members identified 25 Mar 2000 by Betty Mason, granddaughter of Tom Hill, the pitcher. She says the photo was made in Loretto, Lawrence County, Tennessee, probably around 1909 or 1910.


Contributed 8 Feb 2005 by Bill Freeman 

Date of photo is not known. The man in the front row, on the left, holding a hymnal is the teacher, Emery Freeman. 


Submitted 15 May 2004 by Cindy Bailey Mills

Standing 4th man from left is: Isaac Thomas (Tom) Mussleman, II. Kneeling directly in front of him is his uncle David Crider (D. C.) Mussleman. In the very back, 9th man standing from left, is Clyde Thomas. Tom Mussleman worked as a "Carpenter's Helper" for Uncle Dee on the Dam but later he was known as an ironworker. This photo belonged to my grandmother, Tom's widow, Veda Trousdale Mussleman. Can you identify the others in the photo?



The picture and caption below are from one of the scrapbooks put together by the late Oscar D. Lewis. These scrapbooks are located in the Genealogy - History Room of the Florence - Lauderdale County Public Library.

TRANSCRIPTION: '93 Cycle Club Enjoys Outing

Eighteen members of he Florence cycle Club prepare for a Spring outing in 1893.  The setting is Wilson Park.  The old bandstand you see is where the fountain now stands.  The bandstand was razed in the World War I era. The two old houses you see in the background are still standing.  They are on Wood Avenue just south of the Firestone Store. The bicyclers are, from left, Ralph Eaton, T.R. Gordon, Turner Weakly, Horace Lucas, T.A. Howell, Naoman Morrison, E.B. Cade, Billy Steele, Miss Susie Conner, Ed Crow, Miss Bessie Stewart, George W. Brown, Miss Agnes Leftwich, Albert Ellis, Miss Ruby May Shotwell, Paul Hammond, Mrs. Jessie Turner, W.M. Bunting.


This picture was located in the newspaper scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar Lewis. They are located in 
the Local History-Genealogy Room of the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library.

The caption reads, "...First row, left to right: Wam, Tipten, J. W. Sharp, manager and Dial, the mascot, Pirkle, Petruzzi, Crittenden, Long. Second row - Feathers, Meekin, Taylor, Tom Daugherty, pitcher, Burt. Back row: Hiram, Anderson, Worley, Martin, Haley and Sharp.

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