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Miscellaneous African American Newspaper Items 

Contributed by Pat Mahan unless otherwise noted.

From the Florence Gazette, Wednesday, March 27, 1878, p. 2.

On the 19th inst., Jos. Posey, Robt. DePriest and Richard DePriest, all colored, left for Kansas. They propose to spend some time traveling over the state looking for a suitable locality. As soon as this is found they will write to their relatives here, who propose to join them. These men belong to the most respectable class of colored people in our county and we regret to see them leave, as we do not see how they are to better their condition by the change. We hope, however, that they will be successful in their new home. [Contributed by Donald Murks, 27 Dec 2006.]

From the Florence Herald, Friday, April 11, 1930.

Colored Voters
Men Voters

Beat No. 10

Armstead, Green

Ashton, W. J.

Burgess, James T.

Butler, Bill

Buckingham, R. B.

Bates, Will

Biggers, James S.

Coleman, Leonard

Coleman, John

Crittenden, Josh

Crabtree, William M.

Edwards, S. E.

Farley, John

Glenn, Charles

Hood, Ed

Henton, John W.

Howell, Houghston

Jackson, Gilbert

Kimbrough, Luke

Lewis, M. H.

Lipscomb, Bart

Morgan, Jeff

Morgan, J. W.

Marks, James

Montgomery, Edgar H.

McMillian, Harvey

McDonald, Tom

Pool, R. J.

Patterson, Reuben 1

Phillips, Crockett

Pruitt, George

Pruitt, James

Joe, William

Pinkston, Mart

Patterson, Earnest

Pride, Nathan

Reeves, Charles

Reed, Tom

Reeder, Henry

Seawright, George

Simpson, C.

Simpson, L. V.

Simpson, John

Simpson, J. A.

Thomas, B. F.

Terry, H. M. O.

Wytch, J. W.

Wallace, Y. A.

Williams, George

Williams, Dick

Williams, John

White, G. W.

1  Reuben Patterson died May 12, 1928, hence his name should not appear in this list; apparently it was not removed after his death.

Beat No. 10

Armstead, Lena

Armstead, Frances

Bates, Cela

Coleman, Rebecca

Foster, Bessie

Green, Florence

Howell, Hester

Jones, Parthenia

Kelley, Rebecca

Lewis, Katherine

Murdock, Arminta

Marquis, Mildred

Morgan, Carrie

Poe, Ida O.

Patterson, Lula

Pruitt, Fannie

Pruitt, Hattie

Reeder, Lula

Roberts, Josie Rhene

Simpson, Nina E.

Simpson, Ella W.

Simmons, James W. 2

Weakley, Laura B.

Weatherspoon, Margie

2  Mrs. James W.? Or is this a man who was mistakenly listed here?

Beat 11
Burtwell, Henry?

Beat 12
Fuqua, W. H. M.
Harrison, Dan

Beat 16
Perkins, G. W.

Beat 6
Fields, M. F.

Beat 9
Hewitt, Abe H., Sr.
[Contributed 5 Aug 2004, by Lee Freeman]

From the Tuscumbia, AL, North Alabamian and Times, February 9, 1883, p. 3.

Gallows Birds,

Henry Clifton and Henry Robinson, two hardened negro rascals have been carrying on a high handed and systematic game of cattle stealing for a week or two. They stole a valuable ox from under the yoke on the streets one night last week and carried it to Florence where they sold it for ten dollars. They made two other trips selling cattle each time for much less than their worth, giving their names as Wagner and Lewis and claiming to be from the Northern part of Lauderdale county. Mr. Ed Blair [City Marshal of Florence] with that keen vigilance which makes him a terror to thieves, saw them and at once suspected them. Getting proof of the sales by them he came over here Tuesday to identify them, but as soon as the negroes discovered him they fled, but were soon overhauled by Messrs Gipson and Blair and committed to jail. They will have a preliminary trial to-morrow. We hope they will be held under a sufficient bond to ensure their trial at court. The patience of our people is being sorely tried by the wholesale stealing that is going on and they intend to have it stopped. These Clifton negroes are professional hog and cattle thieves and should not be allowed to go at large again in this community. [Submitted 24 Aug 2004, by Lee Freeman]


From the Florence Herald, Thursday, December 1, 1892, p. 3.

          On Thursday evening last a negro named Jackson Jones was knocked in the head and badly hurt, by Hiram Key, a well-known darkey. The particulars as near as can be learned are as follows: Key was going down Tennessee street in his wagon, just below Croom's Bakery, Jones hailed him and asked to ride, which was granted[.] Shortly after getting in the wagon, Key had occasion to get out, requesting Jones to drive slow; no sooner had he alighted than Jones put the whip to the horse; on being caught and stopped, he began to curse Key, at the same time reaching in his pocket and pulling out a knife. Key, realizing his danger, proceeded to defend himself, with the above result. Jones was taken to Dr. J. W. Kernachan's office where his wounds were dressed. 

From the Florence Times, Saturday, June 30, 1894, p. 3.

          Last Saturday evening just about dark a bolt of lightning struck a brick ash box in the back-yard of Mr. W. P. Campball's [sic] residence, and sharply shocked two colored focks [sic] nearby- a woman and a child-who were within a few feet of the point struck. No special damage was done.

From the Florence Herald, Thursday, April 16, 1896, p. 8.

While at work putting up an awning in front of Conner's Shoe store, Saturday, George Terry, a well known colored man, fell from a scaffolding and sustained painful and serious injuries. Terry it seems, stepped off the end of the scaffold and fell heavily to the pavement, about six feet below. He fell on his side, breaking his arm near the shoulder. He was carried into Conner's Shoe Store and medical attention summoned.

From "News About the City," from the Florence Herald, Thursday, November 1, 1900, p. 1.

Virgie Shelton, colored, is at home for a short visit, after living for three years past in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he has been employed as head waiter for one of the big hotels.

From the Florence Times, Friday, May 17, 1918, p. 4.

Jos. L. Edwards, one of our most worthy colored men, has been appointed county demonstration farm agent for colored farmers of Lauderdale. The new agent is a successful farmer himself and his work here should be encouraged by a cordial co-operation of the people, white as well as colored. His farm near St. Florian is a model one. [Contributed 28 Nov 2005, by Lee Freeman]











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