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7th Regiment Alabama Volunteers

Contributed by Lee Freeman


SOURCE: Florence Gazette, Wednesday, June 5, 1861, p. 2



This Regiment was organized on the 9th ult., at Pensacola, by the election of the following field officers:


Wood, Sterling A. M.  - Captain, Florence Guards; Colonel Commandant           

Coltart, J. G. - Captain, Madison Rifles; Lieutenant Colonel

Russell, Dr. A. A. - of Jackson County; Major


The Regiment is composed of the following companies:


Lafayette Guards - Capt. Jackson

Cherokee Guards - Captain Clare

Calhoun Greys - Captain Draper

Jackson Guards - Lieut. Graham

Madison Rifles - Capt. Gaston

Florence Guards - Capt. Wood

Louisville Blues - Capt. Bludworth

Dale Guards - Captain McCall

Mounted Rifles - Captain Jackson

Prattville Rifles - Captain Cox


The vote for Colonel Commandant, stood for Capt. Wood, 559, for Capt. Jackson, 249, Majority for Captain Wood, 310.


By the election of Capt. Wood, to the command of the Regiment, Lieut. Wm. H. Price becomes Captain of the Florence Guards. John B. Weakley 1st Lieutenant, Henry C. Wood, 2nd Lieutenant, and J. Brahan Patton has been elected 3rd Lieutenant. Thomas Williams has been elected Orderly Sergeant, in the place of J. Brahan Patton, promoted.


The 7th Regiment has a commander of which they may justly be proud. And Col. Wood writes that a nobler and finer regiment than his, was never led into the field of battle by Captain or Night. He is exceedingly anxious to lead them against the famous New York 7th Regiment, for he knows that his men would soon make mince meat of the New Yorkers.


We learn that the Guards were very loath to give up their old Captain, but they have unanimously expressed their gratification that he is succeeded by so gallant and accomplished officer as Captain Wm. H. Price.


Capt. Wood, in a letter to his brother, says: "No more gallant, brave and true company, both officers and men, were ever led to the field of battle, than the Florence Guards, nor will their ever be a better."


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