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Benjamin L. Waits

Contributor: Lee Freeman, July 16, 2004


Worthy of Emulation


Benjamin L. Waits, a young colored man formerly of Florence, graduated at Howard University, District of Columbia, at the closing exercises of that institution on the third of June. He has made a fine record, and his career is worthy of emulation. He grew to young manhood in Florence. He was noted for his good conduct, his good manners and deference to others, white and colored, for his industry, and for his studious habits. He was willing to serve and did serve faithfully and well. His word was as good as his bond. His character was above reproach. Unaided he worked his way up. He made sacrifices, and now he has the honor of graduating from probably the highest institution of learning devoted to his color in the United States. The Times is glad to pay him this tribute, because he highly deserves it.


Source: Florence Times, Friday, June 5, 1914, p. 8. 

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