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The following community description is quoted/excerpted from A Walk Through the Past: People and Places of Florence and Lauderdale County, Alabama by the late William Lindsey McDonald (copyright 1997) with permission of the book's editor Robert Torbert and with the utmost honor and respect for Mr. McDonald's research and dedication to preserving the history of Lauderdale County.  If you have additional historical information about this community, please email

"Blackburn is on the L&N Railroad near Indian Camp Creek. Beginning in 1888, there was a passenger station located here. The L&N also built a number of company houses along the railroad track for their maintenance crews. The community was named for William and Mary Blackburn who came from South Carolina.

The early Piney Grove Cemetery is located here. Reuben Huff purchased land a mile or two east of Blackburn prior to 1825. During the last year of the Civil War there were a number of atrocious crimes committed in and around Blackburn by ruthless gangs of lawless men, including the notorious outlaw "Mountain" Tom Clark.

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