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Confederate Relief Fund

Contributed by Lee Freeman

SOURCE: Florence Times, Saturday, June 4, 1892, p. 3



The following named persons have filed their applications for a share of the fund appropriated by the state for disabled ex-Confederate soldiers and for widows of deceased Confederates.


McElyea, Jas. A.

Carroll, Jas. E.

Young, F. M.

Green, V. A. S.

McMurry, Jos.

Hough, J.D.

Wyatt, J. D.

McElyea, W. H.

McWilliams, John

Anderson, J. E.

Gray, G. S.

Gullett, M.

Ridgway, D. A.

Morgan, Jas. A.

Glenn, J. M

Bell, R. F.

Ott, J.C.

Green, Leonard

Deen, J. D.

Matthews, S. J. Jr.

Burns, M. B.

Carr, J. J.

Stout, D. C.

Echols,W. E.

Stone, J. D.

Weems, C. S.

Till, E. R.




Brackeen, Martha

Davis, E. A.

Daniels, Mary A.

Williams, S. A. E.

Bevis, M. A.

Fowler, Sarah

Hipp, Sallie

Clements, Caroline M.

Jones, F. Cyrene

Dearen, Mary

Hawkins, Lizzie A.

Dickerson, N. J.

Wesson, E. A.

Williams, Martha

Garrard, I. K.

Richardson, P. E.

Bradley, S. D.

Massengale, M. F.

Smith, M. J.


These applications are duly filed and the "relief" afforded will be paid out of the tax of 1892 next year. Those who applied last year will receive their appropriation this year -- in August or September. The amount paid last year was about $10 or $15. It is thought the amount the coming year will amount to more, probably $20 or $25. The total appropriated by the state is about $125,000.

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