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1866 State Census - Black Population

© Copyright 1998, Pat M. Mahan

Both males and females are marked in ten year increments. i.e., 0-10, 10-20, etc. If a number appears in ( ), it stands for one age bracket. ‘0’ is used as a place holder.  Periods within the enumeration are for formatting purposes only and should be ignored.


The census enumeration begins on page 2. Thomas C. Irion is the Enumerator for pages 2 – 12, which is basically the west end of the county. W. [Walter] Glenn is the enumerator from page 13 to the end of this census, which is basically the eastern half of the county.

NOTE: Many of the names listed as heads of household in the following part of the schedule are white. In some instances the word "At" is included before the given name, but do not assume that a head of household is black if this ‘disclaimer’ does not appear.

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