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County Schools

Gravelly Springs

Gravelly Springs

Contributed Nov 2006 by Dan Wood

Dan Wood writes: "The first two is from the older school, which was located on the south side of Waterloo Road {CR14} just west of where Bluff Creek Road {CR87} meets Waterloo Road, the pictures were made across the creek in front of the bluff at that site."

Perry Pruitt in back row, others are not identified. Perry Pruitt was born in 1896, died in 1906, so I would say these pictures were taken in 1904 and 1905.

This photo taken on south side of creek by the bluff and cave.

This is a group of students from Gravelly Springs; the school was located just west of the spring on the south side of Waterloo Road {CR14}, the picture was taken across the creek from the school in front of the bluff and cave.

Perry Pruitt is the young boy second from left, front row, Mary Kelly Hipps, right front, and Margaret Kelly Hughes second from left back row.

This picture provided by Bobby and Rose Hughes Robertson. Would like to have others identified.

Gravelly Springs School

About 1933

Contributed by Dan Wood Nov 2006

Back Row: Teacher Miss Ruby Boatman
Third Row: ??--Wood girl--Pauline Sharp--Wood girl

All others unknown, need help with identification.

This school had moved from next to the spring to a location about 
1/2 mile north on Bluff Creek Road {CR87} on the west side of road.

Gravelly Springs School
Fourth Fifth & Sixth
Nov 6th 1935

Miss Mildred McGee Teacher

Back row: Lillie Viola Wood--{2}-Mary Edith Wood- {3}-Hoyt Boatwright-{4}-Pauline Wood

Middle row: ??-{2}-Unknown-{3}-Ruth Clemons-{4}-Geraldine Pitman-{5}-Willie Mae Pitman-{6}-Ruby Wood-{7} Miss Mildred McGee, Teacher

Front row: Unknown-{2}-Unknown-{3}-Unknown-{4}-Tommy Hooks

Would like to have any corrections and other identifications

Lexington High School

Lexington High School
1927 Football Team

Contributed by Norma English Fowlkes, 5 Feb 2004

The only person I can identify is the one holding the football. 
He is Wm. Roy English, son of James Andrew and Alma Cox English. 

Lone Cedar School

1909 or 1910

This picture is located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library. The date of publication and name of newspaper are not given.

Lone Cedar School

The caption reads, "...This picture was made at Lone Cedar School in either 1909 or 1910. The school was located about 12 or 13 miles north of Florence on the old Jackson Highway. Pictured left to right are: front row, Lee Massey, Frank Garret. Frank Canerday, Brannon Caneray, Jack Peden, George Peden, Bryce Richardson, John D. Kirkland, Homer Behel, Thomas Garner; second row, Eula Quillen Pennington, Oma Watkins, Beatrice Behel Garner, Jessie Behel Richardson, Bertha Canerday Coker, Birdie Martin Peden, Eliza Canerday Heathcoat, Myrtle Peden Quillen, Ila Garner Morris, Leola Richardson, Fred Hill, Douglass Hill; 
third row, Meadows Canerday, Zetta Vaughn, Mary Hill Allen, Effie Cochran 
Lawson, Vernon Massey Stutts, Wess Peden, Charlie Behel, Price Hill, Eugene 
Carter; fourth row, Dexter Massey Freeze, Mary Spain, teacher, Henry Freeze, Johnny Cochran, Willie Hill, Wiley Freeze, Wiley Bretherick,  men in door, Clyde Wilcoxson, Left, Thomas Watkins. (Our Thanks to Mrs. Beatrice Garner and Mrs. Jennie McGee for this Scrapbook feature.)"

Middle Cypress School

Middle Cypress School at Dodd

About 1907

Contributed Jan 2004 by Bill Freeman

**Photo Unavailable**

1st Row: Linnie Sharp, Cecil Dodd, Gladys Phillips, Bonnie Phillips, Earl Freeman, Jim Moomaw, Floyd Oakley, Andrew Moomaw, Guy Sharp, Edward McDaniel, Carl Oakley.

2nd Row: Annie Moomaw, Annie Phillips, Sallie Oakley, Pearl Sharp, Lep Moomaw, Emory Freeman, Homer Campbell.

3rd Row: Herbert Koonce, teacher; Mary Dodd, Rettie McDaniel, Mammie Moomaw, Lallie Phillips, Bill McDaniel, Vernon Freeman, Clifford Dodd, Allen Freeman, Fred Phillips.

Pruiton School
Milford School

Milford School

About 1914 or 1915

Submitted by Jeanette Winborn Benson

Front Row: Bertha Crider, Virgie Crider, Pearl Young,

Fannie Crider Woods, Toy Young, Elvie Rogers,

Aurelia Sharp Young, Una Young, Elsie Woods

Winborn   2nd Row: Dalton Woods, Richards Crider,

Brother Sharp, Hubert Sharp, Arbie Young Bevis,

Ray Young, Tom Rogers, Laura Rogers, Ethel Woods,

Estelle Woods Young, Ora Young  3rd Row: Vertie

Woods, Nellie Rogers, Dewey Rogers, McKinley

Woods, Ellis Young, Elmer Sharp, Reeder Young

4th Row: Claudy Woods, Emmett Young, Dewey

Young, Albert Rogers, Edward "Bunt" Young, Finnie

Woods, Hubert Young, James Adolphus Young, and 

Homer Cooper, the Teacher.





Mt. Tabor School


Submitted Jan 2006 by Paul R. Parker

When Mt Tabor School was discontinued

ca 1937 the students were sent to Wilson.

The teacher, not pictured, was Grace (Catlow)






Pruiton School



Submitted Jan 2006 by Paul R. Parker

When Pruiton school was closed in 1937, Grace (Catlow) Parker was the teacher. The students were sent to Wilson. This drawing of old Pruiton School was done by the contributor, Paul Parker, in 1995, and is used here with his permission.

Mt. Tabor
Ray School

Ray School
ca 1938

Contributed Aug 2006 by Marty Smith

1. Ray Howard Wright    2. Hubert Redding       3. Warren Peden   4. Charles Call   5. William McDougal   6. Glen Fowler  7. Quinnon Lindsey 8.  ___ Terrell  9. Laverne Redding  10. ___ Wallace  11. ___ Roberson  12. Mary Belle Walker  13. Helen Kimbrough  14. # skipped 15. Ralph Thornton 16. Bobby Green  17. Edward Jones  18. LC "Dick" Wright  19. ___ Wallace  20.  Virginia Dhority  21. Canillia McIntyre  22. ___ Brewer  23. Faye Dean Thornton  24. Marie Walker(?) Murphy 25. Virginia Cox  26. Wilma Green(?) 27. __ Roberson  28. Louise Walker (Teacher)  29. Virginia White

Rhodesville School


This picture was located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. The name of the paper and the date of issue is not given. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

Rhodesville School

The caption reads "...Sixty years ago these students at Rhodesville School, located 15 miles outside of Florence off the Waterloo Road, learned their reading, writing and arithmetic from a young teacher named D. O. ("Mr. Oscar") Warren. Warren (third row, fifth from left) was just 21 at the time of the class picture; five years later he became County Superintendent of Education, a post he held until his death at the age of 39. A nephew, Billy Ray Warren, followed in his professional footsteps and is now serving as advisory specialist to Florence City Schools. The Student body in this picture includes:

First row, left to right; Claud Morrison, Tommie Burks, Floyd Hipps, Will Darby, Reeder Richards, Dutch Holliman, Homer Hipps, Robert Perkins, Mitchell Rhodes. Second row, left to right; Marie Koger, Lizzie Summerhill, Bessie Irons, Mamie Koger, Ethel Darby, Pearlie Williams, Bessie Hipps, Mary  Copeland, Ruth White, Mag Perkins, Maud Darby, Bernice Rhodes. Third row, left to right; Mary Sue Perkins, Maude Morrison, Hattie Rhodes, Orlie Joiner, Mr. Warren, Houston Jones, Orlie Koger, Callie Perkins, Bessie Darby, Lydia Joiner, Tom Darby.

Fourth row, left to right; Edgar Perkins, Oscar Koger, Mary Sherrod, Mag Richards, George Irons, Comella Joiner, Annie Copeland, Etta Perkins, Cora Hipps, Gordon Sherrod.

Rocky Knoll School

Contributed 14 Sep 1999, by Donna Risner

Rocky Knoll School

This is a school picture from the Rocky Knoll School in Lauderdale County. The notation on the back was written by Edith Risner: "Rocky Knoll School when Hattie Mae (Wallace) Phillips (Mamaw) went to school." Hattie Mae Wallace was born July 10, 1897. ...In 1912 these youngsters made up the student body at Rocky Knoll School. Rocky Knoll School was located west of Florence on Middle Road.

From left to right:
First row: Esther Fowler, Vernice Murphy*, Jesse Murphy, Gladys Campbell, Everett Wallace, Pearl Danley, Clarence Haddock, Lena Robinson, Bertha Black, Irene Whitten, Edgar Whitten, Ruby Haddock, Thema Black, Elmer Lewis, Doyl Haddock, Mamie Kimbrough, Temple Hale*, Pearl Sledge*,

Second row: Mamie Phillips, Percy Wallace*, Lillian Haddock, Velma Kimbrough, Lillie Murphy, Lena Hale, Nannie Quigley - teacher*, Hattie May Wallace*, Minnie Kimbrough*, Marvin Cox, Zola Lewis, Floyd Kimbrough, Essie Haddock, Viola Wallace
Third row: County Superintendent of Education D. O. Warren*, Rebecca Smith, Walter Hale, Velma Sledge, Lee Cox, Mattie Liles*, Bruner Wallace, Pearl Hale, Raymond Murphy, Amy Haddock*, Melvin Cox, Libby Lawson*, Homer Danley, Thelma Lawson*.

*These are marked as deceased in the article which appears to be by W. L. Murphy.  



Underwood School



This picture was located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. The name of the paper and the date of issue is not given. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

The caption reads, "...Pictured is the student body of Underwood School, Lauderdale County, in 1915. Shown, left to right, bottom row are: Vina Lovelace, Chalmers Wilks, Eldora Miles, Carmy Lindsey, Clyde Wallace, Delia Philips, Newman Richardson, Willie Sue Wallace, Gilbert Mardis, Odell Wallace, Ody Mardis, Myrtle Stults, Ceil Vester Miles, Rufus Underwood, Albert miles.

Second row; Columbus Miles, Grace Wallace, Bessie Lovelace, Verdie Underwood, Benton Sharp, Eve Ringlestein, Oliver Haygood, Arlie Mae Miles, Russell Lindsey, Mossie Mardis, Wheeler Mardis, Mary Lee Ringlestein. Third row; D. O. Warren, county superintendent, Henry Mardis, Price Statom, Carroll Sharp, Jim Lovelace, Mamy Richardson, Elizabeth Rasch, teacher, McKinley Underwood, Herman Ringlestein, Virgil Wallace.

Fourth row; Lola Bell Haygood, Elvin Lovelace, Bessie Wallace, Clayton Underwood, Nettie Wallace, Fletcher Underwood, Cornelia Wallace, Chalmers Statom, Ellie Richardson, Lester Lovelace.   Contributor of this week's scrapbook photograph is Mrs. Price Statom, Route Five, Florence."

1937 - 1938

Contributed by Paul R. Parker

The teacher on the right at the end of the second row is Miss Belle Walker.

Underwood School

Whitsett School
ca 1901

Contributed 26 Feb 2000 by Pat M. Mahan

The Whitsett School was located near the community of Wright in west Lauderdale County, AL on lands owned by Wilson Whitsett. According to the 1850 Census of Lauderdale County, AL, Wilson Whitsett was a farmer, born ca 1810 in SC. At that time, his land was valued at $2,000. Wilson Whitsett married Elizabeth Price, a daughter of Benjamin and Jane Eliza Price, 11 Feb 1830, Lauderdale County, AL. Wilson and his wife both died before 1 Feb 1882. Wilson and Elizabeth (Price) Whitsett had ten children and it is possible that some of those pictured here are their grandchildren. 

Whitsett School
Wright School

Wright School 


This picture was located in the scrapbooks compiled by the late Oscar D. Lewis. The name of the paper and the date of issue is not given. These books, which contain many interesting articles about this area, are in the local history and genealogy room of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library.

The caption reads, "...The old weeden building

known as Wright School is the background for

this 1914 photo. The students at that time were: 

First Row, left to right; Boss Young, Edwin

Robertson, Boyce Crittendon, Sam Emerson,

Arthur Milton, Bert Robertson, Roy Wesson,

Redder Herron. Second row; left to right: Goldie

Herron, Les Vinson, Bobbke Dean, Marvin Jones,

Lois Jones, Arnold Jones, Bess Emerson, Myrtly

Jones, Jewel Ticer, Hazel Wesson, Roxie Young.

Third row; left to right: Mattie Emerson, Eugene

Wilson, Velma Young, Turner Saddler, Nomia

Emerson, John Robertson, Jewel Robertson,

Ernest Young, Annie Bell Crittendon. Fourth row;

left to right: Oscar Warren, Bess Melton John

Woods, ....... Dean, Lady Saddler, Clyde Woods,

Winnie Lindsey, Gladys Wilson, Inez Wesson,

Teacher-Lee Marks."

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