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1830 Federal Census

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The 1830 Federal Census did not list family members; instead, heads of household were listed along with the number of free white males and females within each set of age increments (0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, and so on up to 100+).  Specifically, each category is inclusive of the first number and "under" the second; for example, the census would ask for individuals "of five and under 10"). Males were listed on the left side of the dash and females on the right.  


          For example:                

          BROWNLOW, Isaac                  00111101-000001

          Isaac was the head of household containing six family members (including himself):

          1 male aged 10-15, 1 male aged 15-20, 1 male aged 20-30, 1 male aged 30-40, and one male 50-60;

          also, 1 female aged 30-40.

The enumeration for Free Blacks was different, and has been typed in. The slaves were not copied unless that was the only enumeration found.


Notation from last page of census:


The number of persons within my division, consisting of eleven thousand seven hundred and ninety four appears in the foregoing schedule subscribed by me this twenty fourth day of Novr in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty
                         John W. BYRN
                         Assistant to the Marshall of the Northern District of Alabama

We hereby certify that a correct copy of the above schedule, signed by the said John W. BYRN has been set up at two of the most public places within the division Open to the inspection of all concerned
                         John ARNETT
                         Elias E. BYRN

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