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University of North Alabama

(Formerly LaGrange, Wesleyan, State Normal, State Teachers, and Florence State)

A historical timeline of the University of North Alabama (provided by Louise Huddleston, Archivist, Collier Library, University of North Alabama):

LaGrange College at Leighton [1830 - 1854] 
LaGrange College at Florence [several months, 1855]
Wesleyan University [1855 - 1865]
[Despite the efforts of Drs. Rice and Young to keep it open, the school was closed 1866 - 1868]
Wesleyan University [1869 - 1871]
State Normal School [1872 - 1887]
State Normal College [1888 - 1913]
State Normal School [1913 - 1929]
State Teachers College [1929 - 1957]
Florence State College [1957 - 1968]
Florence State University [1968 - 1974]

This lithograph of Wesleyan University, Florence, Alabama, is located in the archives of Collier Library, University of North Alabama.

Postcard submitted Jan 2006 by Paul R. Parker. Aerial View of State Teachers College, Founded 1855, Florence, Ala.

This catalogue was located in the Genealogy-History Room of the Florence-Lauderdale  Public Library.  

To see the entire image within the slideshow, click the image and it will appear in a new window.

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