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Contributed 20 Mar 2004 by Lee Freeman



Source: The Florence Gazette, Wednesday, November 6, 1878, p. 3.

Interments Since September 8:


Miss Jane Cain.
Mrs. Smidt [Schmidt?]
Mr. James Cox.
Mr. Joseph Vanhook Cox
Mr. Tinbeck
Mrs. Grob
Child of Jas. M. Price
Child of A C Wade
John S Reid
James Brown
John Ragsdale
Claudia Ragsdale
John T Petty
Mrs. John T Petty
2 children of John T Petty
Mrs. Mary A Lambert
Mr. Bernhard
Child of F M Perry
Miss Nora Rice
Willie H Rice
Mrs. Josephine Crow
Thomas Rogers
Wm Stafford, died in country

Betsy McCorstin    

Emily Baugh
Wm Stoddard    

Frank McCorstin
Joe Francis

Frank George
Tom Kennedy 

Logan Howell
Sarah Howell

Millie Walker
Wash McCorstin

Charles Gray
Jack Baugh

Jim Hogan
Eliza Hawkins

Fanny Kennedy
Emmanuel Gray

Bill Woods
Margaret Baugh

Johnnie Baugh
Lettie Baugh

Willie Baugh
Mary Wilson

Lucinda Gray
Charles Gray

Clarence Hogan

There are others whose names we have not been able to get.---Some of the above died before the epidemic was declared to be yellow fever, and it may be that some few of the above died of other diseases. 

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