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Queries (2002)

From 1997 through 2008 site coordinator Pat Mahan transferred queries sent to the Lauderdale County Rootsweb email address to this ALGenWeb site.  We have included the names and email addresses for each of the submitters, althoughwe cannot guarantee that these addresses are still valid after all these years.  If you posted a query here and would like to update your contact information, please email us at


Date: 9 Jan 2002    
From: John Brown
Thomas Hays(e)  in Lauderdale Co  as early as 1822. Seems to have lived north of Florence. May have been associated with Perryman family of that area. Perhaps father of Alfred Hays(e). Both left county for Fayette Co  Tennessee in about 1827
Anyone know of these folks?
john brown

Date: 11 Jan 2002 
          I have received information that Rev. John Cabbage (c. 1810, TN - c. 1884, Lauderdale Co., Alabama), son of Alexander Cabbage and Elizabeth Stephens, had a family Bible which recorded the births of the children of Elizabeth's parents Dudley and Nancy Stephens along with some information concerning Dudley's parents. This information was purportedly contained in a letter dated 16 July 1907 and written by one Ann Eliza George of 111 N. Third St., Richmond, VA, a granddaughter of Frances Dudley, who was the daughter of William Dudley and Ann Pinchback and granddaughter of Robert Dudley and Mary Ann Fleet of King and Queen Co., VA.
          Further information in this letter is that Dudley Stephens' mother was Ann aka Nancy Dudley, daughter of Robert Dudley and Mary Ann Fleet, was born 1741 and married to John Stephens in 1759.
          Since Rev. John Cabbage is referred to as having been from Alabama, which is where he lived when he died, the Bible probably descended in the family of his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband James W. Phillips, who had also moved to Lauderdale Co., Alabama from Warrick Co., IN.
          I would like any information concerning the present whereabouts of this Bible of Dudley and Nancy Stephens or the letter of Ann Eliza George. The letter is addressed to "Mr. Fleet" and also mentions a cousin of Ann Eliza named George Fleet Dudley.
          I'm also interested in locating the burial place of Rev. John Cabbage.

Date: 20 Jan 2002
From: Tracy Criswell
I am looking for information on Mary Ann E. Foster Simpson. Her birth date was 10/15/1830, death was 3/30/1853. She was married to James Simpson and had Sarah Foster Simpson and Henry S. Simpson. I am particularly interested in where she is buried. Her father is listed as George Washington Foster and her mother was Sarah Independence Watkins. Thanks.


Date: 24 Jan 2002
From: mabike
My great grandparents were married in Lauderdale County. Nathan Parsons (N. P.) Helton and Eliza Jane Cox married on February 14, 1878.  According to her obituary they lived in Lexington and left there in January of 1903.
Vivian Helton

Date: 3 Feb 2002
From:  Kenney
I am seeking information on John W. BARKER, b1864, wife Mary Blackburn BARKER, b 1873 
I believe her parents were John BLACKBURN, b abt 1825 and Caroline Grimes Blackburn, b abt 1825.
What info I have was obtained from census records.
In the 1900 census Lauderdale Co. Blackburn precinct, it lists children for John and Mary Barker, Lucy, b 1897, Thomas, b 1899. Two houses away it lists, Carrie Blackburn, b 1827, son Allen, b 1860 and grandson Edward, b 1881.
Kennye Decker

Date: 6 Feb 2002
From: "Maxine Allen" <>
Looking for any information on a Mesa HERRIN who was married to Fleming McCOY.  Mesa's name was spelled differently on some Census, i.e. Messie, Macey, Mucy.  In Fleming McCoy's will her name is spelled Mesa.  On the Census she stated she was born in VA, as did Fleming.  By 1850 they had settled in Iuka, Tishomingo Co. MS where Fleming died.  I don't know what happened to Mesa.  Trying to find her parents and siblings.  Thanks.

Date: 11 Feb 2002
From: Sheryl C. Bassi 
Researching William Lafayette COOPER md. Martha Frances MONROE circa 1870, Florence, AL.
Thanks,    Sheryl Bassi

Date: 12 Feb 2002
From: Mary Newell
Seeking information on Carrie M. Edwards (maiden name unknown). b. about 1828. Had a daughter Mary Elizabeth Edwards who married Howell Jackson Rayburn. They had a daughter Florence Rayburn b. Jan 31, 1887 who married Albert Parrish in 1904 and lived most of her life in Lauderdale County. Would love to have any info on this family, especially the name of Carrie's husband. Believe he was born in GA, lived in MS and then in Lauderdale County prior to his death sometime before 1900. At that time Carrie was listed on the census as a widow. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


Date: 13 Feb 2002
I am seeking information on Jacob Prickett and James T. Prickett and trying to establish their relationship as father and son.  It is the assumption of many Prickett famly members that Jacob is the father of James T. Prickett.  I have no proof.  Can anyone help me in my search with places to seek wills, deeds, Bible records, etc.  Anything that might help prove this relationship will be greatly appreciated.   Glenda Hagler Wood

Date: 14 Feb 2002
From: Mary Newell
Carrie M. Edwards was the mother of Mary Elizabeth Edwards. Mary Elizabeth married Howell Jackson "Jack" Rayburn in 1883 in Lauderdale County. "Jack" and Mary Elizabeth had a daughter Florence Rayburn in 1887. In 1910 both Carrie and Mary Elizabeth were widows living in Lauderdale county. Have found no info after that. Would like to know the name of Carrie's husband. Carrie was born in AL about 1828.Do not know her maiden name. Please help if you can. Thanks, Mary


Date: 16 Feb 2002
From:"Maxine Allen" <>
Looking for information on the 3 Danielly, Dannilly, Dannelley, families living in Lauderdale and appear on the 1850 Census.  My g-grandmother was Sara Ann DANIELLY, daughter of McDade DANIELLY of Crawford Co. GA.  My Sara married John William SMITH who eventually wound up in Lauderdale Co., married again after she died, had 11 more children, all born in the Murphy's Chapel community, and where he lived out his live and is buried in Murphy's Chapel Cemetery, Waterloo, AL. I have lots of Danielly information, too much to list here. Hoping to make a connection to the Lauderdale Co. AL Daniely's.   Thanks!!

Date:17 Feb 2002
From: : "janet clark" <>
I am seeking info on my Gr-Grandfather, WILLIAM ARNOLD PAULK. Born
Nov.22,1864 Ala. died Dec.24,1950 in KY. I can`t find his parents. I don`t
know their names. He was married several times. Once to LUELLA ELMIRA
OLIVER, once to NANCY HURD, and was buried with SADIE GRIFFEN PAULK in GOLDEN POND KY. HELP!!! Please and thank you. God Bless..I`m very willing to share info.

Date: 6 Mar 2002
From: hjduncan
I am looking for information on my grandfather's family. He was born in Lauderdale Co, Al on October 6, 1871 to William Duncan and Mary E. Mason.      Joe

Date: 10 Mar 2002 
From: Maria Valayil 
I am looking for information on the ancestors for my grandparents who lived in Lauderdale County, Charlie Homer McDonald (b. 1904/d.1972) and Mary Louetta McDonald (b. 1905/d.1986). What I do know:  Charlie's Father's name was William Scruggs McDonald and Mary's parents names were Elmer Crosslin and Seany(?) Crosslin.  I also know that they lived in Florence, Alabama for a time.      Maria Valayil

Date: 14 Mar 2002
From: lynn graham
Margaret Barnhill married William Ross, Dec. 30, 1847 at Lauderdale Co. Who were the parents of Margaret Barnhill Ross? Any info. appreciated.          Lynn F. Graham

Date:  19 Mar 2002
From: "Modene Knight Thornton" <>
      Lewis Ezell's will was dated "the 5th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and forty-one" in which he mentions " my two daughters Mary and Sarah' along with his other children.  The will was recorded 8th day of Nov. 1841  in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
      One Sarah Ezell m. 13 Jul 1847 Isaac Smith Lauderdale County, Alabama. 
1850 Lauderdale County, Alabama, dated Dec 2, 1850, shows:
             line 37, household 676/ family 692
             Isaac Smith, 22 m Boatman Unk
             Sarah            24 f                     Al
             Winney            7 f                     Al
             William            2 m                   Al
             Daniel        3/12 m                   Al

This seems to be the daughter of Lewis Ezell.  Lewis had a daughter named Winney and a son named William.  I would, very much, like to be in touch with any descendants of Isaac and Sarah (Ezell) Smith.

Modene Knight Thornton

Date: 24 Mar 2002
Looking for information on my grandfather Henry Carl Bray  b. Apr 25, 1901 in Florence (Lauderdale Co.), AL.  His mother was Alice Morris and his father was John Bray.  They later moved to Bonham (Fannin Co.), Texas.  They are said to be of Cherokee descent.  Any help would be appreciated. - Kal ""


Date:9 Apr 2002
From: "Robert & Janice Blankenship" <>
John Polk born Florence Ala Lauderdale County May 21 1831, possible son of A. Canterbury. John Polk was in Arkansas in 1860 and joined the 2nd regiment of Arkansas Confederate. Seems likely his family moved to Arkansas prior to 1850 as I can find no record of him in census.   Appreciate any help.

Date: 9 Apr 2002
From: "Don Sharp" <>
     I am working on my family tree and the small bit of data I have
now indicates that my family came from Lauderdale county.  My
grandfather was Butler Price Sharp.  His father was David Sharp and he was married to Martha Jane Carr.  I have nothing beyond David Sharp.
    Martha Jane Carr's father was Joseph Price Carr and her mother was Julia Ann Lee.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Hershal D. (Don) Sharp

Date: 28 Apr 2002
Looking for SPRINGER researchers. I am a descendant of Dennis SPRINGER & (Peggy) GOFORTH and have looked for a reliable documentation of who their parents are? Please email me if you are researching this line or have information on the SPRINGER line. Thank you. Gayle Grantham

Date: 4 May 2002 
From: John Venable
 I am seeking information on James Elizabeth Atkinson Wright, who had three daughters, Margaret, Alice and Beatrice, and in 1925 married William Belle Johnson in Colbert County, Alabama, having shown  Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama as her residence.  Any information on this family will be appreciated as James Elizabeth is the mother of my wife, Caroline Sue Johnson Venable, and we have very little information on her or her family.



Date: 13 May 2002
From: "Donna Risner" <>
Ned Columbus Wallace m. Jennie Howard 12/15/1888.  They
had daughter Maude.  Jennie died (?) and Ned m. Wealthy Gooch 11/11/1890. Looking for info on Jennie & Maude.  
Donna Risner

Date: 29 May 2002
From: Kermit Smith
Reseaching Moore (James W. or James Winningham) surname. Would appreciate any information. 
He was in the Lauderdale Co area in the 1830's. 
Kermit Smith 

Date: 31 May 2002
From: Betty Haskett
Littleberry and Mary (Polly) Cochran? Odom lived in Lauderdale Co. in the 1850 census, then to Tishomingo, MS, then some to Hardin and McNairy Co., Tn. Believe son James stayed in Lauderdale?  Littleberry also known as L.B. and Berry.
Betty Haskett
Richmond, IN

Date: 7 Jun 2002
Cox family - Trying to find out some information on the George A. Cox who is buried in the Florence City Cemetery, Lauderdale Co. He is the brother of my great grandmother Ida Cox Smith.

Date: 1 Jul 2002
Hello, I am researching the Whitsett family. I am connected in several ways Benjamin Price and Eliza Jane Price are my fourth great grandparents. I would love any info u may have. Also, their daughter Nancy Catherine Price married William Sinclair, which are my third great grandparents, I have little on them. Omie Whitsett is my great grandmother, who married Dennis Edwin Johnson, I am trying to find info on her parents, Ida Threet and Turner Whitsett. If u have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Teresa

I have nearly completed a family history of the Whitsett family of Lauderdale County on my web site which includes all information available to me on the family of Jones Turner Whitsett and Ida C. Threet.  You can do a search on my web site for Jones Turner Whitsett or any of his family members and you will get a link to the page that contains his family history. Thanks, Ron Wall [19 Feb 2007]


Date 7 Jul 2002
ALEXANDER F. PERRYMAN -Son of John Perryman. Does anyone know where he went after the 1850census/1854 land Purchase??? I am aware that he went to the confederacy in the Civil War and fought for the Mississippi Infantry. Did he remain in Mississippi or back to Al or otherwise? It is confusing since there is an Alexander T. from a father; Alexander Perryman that is close in age going from Al to MS. Thank you.


Date: 10 Jul 2002 
From: Lward 
William Poteet, son of Edward and Martha Poteet, m. Ruthey/Ruth Bird. Their daughter, Elizabeth Bird Poteet, b. 1834 my ggm. Poteet family in Lauderdale County as early as c. 1819. Also active in Giles County, TN. Any info on Poteet and Bird families in this area? Thanks.

Date: 15 July 2002
From: Dona Burnett
Looking for information on Armor from Lauderdale County. Maria E. Armor married Middleton White(1835) and Elizabeth Armor married George Glosco/Glasco(1842). Middleton and Maria are in Randolph Co., Arkansas on the 1850,1860 and 1870 census. Living with them in 1850 is Francis M. Armor (age 18 b Ala.), and on the 1860 is William H. Glasco (age 18 b. Ala.) I think Maria also had a sister Nancy who married George Haigood(1829). All of the above marriages in Lauderdale Co.


Date: 19 Jul 2002
From: Dona Burnett
Looking for information on Middleton White b. abt 1817 married Maria E. Armor Dec. 30, 1935 Lauderdale Co. On 1840 census there are two Middleton Whites. The younger is my gggg-grandfather. Middleton and Maria had 2 girls on the 1840 census; Elizabeth b abt1837 and Nancy Caroline b abt 1839. They moved to Randolph Co., Arkansas. On the 1850 census 3 more children: Mary Ann b. 1840 in Alabama, Susan E. b 1846 in Arkansas and William Joseph b abt June 1850. Staying with them is Francis M. Armor age 18. Either he is Maria's brother or nephew. Any information on the 2 Middleton Whites would be greatly appreciated. 
Dona Burnett

Date:  22 Jul 2002 
From:  Jean Henson 
I am looking for info on my greatgrandparents, Eli & Sarah {Brockwell} Steele. They were on the 1900 census listed in Florence, on Kirkman St. Listed with them were my grandfather, Bertie Lee, Edgar,& Dewey. Also listed with them was a Susan Quillin, boarder, age 64, b. d. Jan 1836 in Tn. Any info would be greatly appreciated. 
My e-mail address is    Thanks, Jean

Date:  1 Aug 2002
From:  "maryrita behan" <>
would like any information about elfrida patton (kELLEY) in harvey cem died at young age my grandmother and the name of felix m kelley children my grandfarther was henry patton, would like to know who his farther was at center star cemetery william patton chicago il

Date:  4 Aug 2002
I am looking for descendants of James Russell Butler who died July 3, 1943 in Florence and is buried at Railroad/Pleasant Springs in Wayne Co. TN.  He was born July 30, 1869.      Jerry L. Butler
My web site;


Date:  8 Aug 2002
From:  John Matlock
I am interested in talking with anyone who is connected to the  John Medlock, b. ca 1811, found in Lauderdale Co., Al. census, 1840, 50, 60. Thanks, John M. Matlock


Date:  13 Aug 2002
From:  rshafford
Looking for information on Andrew FOSTER, born around 1838, son of John FOSTER, born about 1811 or 1813.  Thanks in advance,   Helen.    My email is 


Date: 2 Sep 2002
I am trying to find the marriage of Edward James WATSON and Sarah Elizabeth MARTIN, March 21,1898, Florence, AL. Any help with any kind of info will be appreciated. 
Thank you,


From:  Chuck Hollis
Date:  13 Sep 2002
I am researching my grandfather, William Curtis Hollis, b.July 23, 1890 - Anderson, Lauderdale County, AL, d.1968, Spurger, TX. William Curtis Hollis had a brother Joe, who was a barber in Newton, Newton County, TX, and a sister, Ozella, nickname "Icey" (?), who died in Corsicana, TX, in 1956.  She married a Burgess.  The Hollis family moved from AL to TX around 1900.  I don't know anything about their parents.  I remember "Pa" telling me once that his grandmother(?) was a "Hovis" or "Ovis" from Cologne, Germany.


From:  Brenda Godsey
Date:  17 Sep 2002
Searching for info on Benjamin Stacy in1830 census and Thomas Stacy in 1840 census. Any info is appreciated.   Brenda Godsey

From: David Van Brunt
Date:  2 Oct 2002
I am looking for info on the following families:  Presley & either Weston or Webster.  George Washington Presley was born Jan 12, 1872 in Lauderdale County.  Sarah Francis Weston/Webster was born Dec 28, 1875 in Morgan County.  They were married around 1893 in either Lauderdale or Morgan County, AL.  She was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian.  They later moved on into Mississippi.  If anyone has come across info on this particular family in Census Data, church records, Marriage Certificates, Indian records, I would greatly appreciate the help.   David VB

Date: 10 Oct 2002
I found my Thomas Nations and Martha Weathers marriage in 1839 and the family in 1850  census of Lauderdale Co., Alabama but who are their parents?  Why are they not in 1840?  Is Wethers and Weathers the same family?  Any help much appreciated.  Thank You  Mary Ann

Date: 3 Nov 2002
Looking for more information on James William JACKSON, born 28 Jan 1877, m 25 Dec 1898, Mary Adaline Isbell, b 9 Nov 1884. 25 Dec 1898.

Date: 11 Nov 2002
Looking for the parents of Laura Dowdy in Lauderdale County.  I believe Laura to be listed in the l860 census under _______, Dowdy, Margaret, Laura (4) and Aron.  My grandmother's mother was Sharp.  I found this reference to the census on the Dowdy web page, with a blank for the father's name and no page reference. I could not find a marriage record and I believe her mother died at a young age. If anyone can tell me more about this census record I would appreciate it.      Thelma Willliams

Date: 13 Nov 2002
From: Lee Freeman
Looking for any information, on Sarah FREEMAN, who married Robert LINDSAY in Lauderdale County, AL on December 21st, 1855. I am particularly interested in knowing whether this Sarah FREEMAN was the wife of William FREEMAN, prior to her marriage to Robert LINDSAY The 1850 Lauderdale County, AL census, pg. 236 B, lists William FREEMAN, 18 and Sarah C., 14, both listed as married within that year, and living with them a Mary FREEMAN, 45, whom we believe to be William's mother. The 1870 Lauderdale census, pg. 166 B lists Robert and Sarah LINDSAY and an 18 year old daughter named Mary LINDSAY, with several other LINDSAY children; Nancy, 16; Wm., 13; John, 11; Calvin, 8; and Leanna, 2.  The 1880 Lauderdale census lists Robert, Sarah and  6 children with the surname LINDSAY; Wm., 22; Johnie, 20; Carroll, 18; Lisa, 9; Charlie, 7; and Leander, 10;  AND a 30 year old Mary FREEMAN, listed as Robert's step-daughter; Mary FREEMAN has a 6 year old daughter named Alice FREEMAN, listed as "step-daughter's daughter." Was this Sarah FREEMAN LINDSAY the former wife of William FREEMAN? If so, what became of William? Unverified information suggests he was killed or died during the Civil War. What was Sarah FREEMAN, William's wife's, maiden name? And was Mary FREEMAN Sarah FREEMAN'S daughter from her marriage to William FREEMAN? What became of these FREEMAN women?

Date: 16 Nov 2002
jerome jackson born- april 22, 1844 giles county tenn. died- june 1 ,1906 lauderdale county,alabama. tryin to find out as much as i can. he is my great great grand dad.

Date: 19 Nov 2002
From: Robert Schneider LDF Fly Fishing Tackle
George Washington Carr was born in Alabama. His year of birth was sometime between 1831 and 1835.  I think that he was the son of Andy Carr who was a farmer in Lauderdale County.  In the 1850 census, there is a George Washington listed as a member of the household of Andy and Annie Carr.
The family story is that George and his brother drove a wagon up to Pope County Illinois in the early 1850s.  George was killed at Memphis in the Civil War in the early 1860s.  He had two sons:  William Merida and James H.  I am a descendant of William Merida, through his son Ezra and his grandson Charles H. Is there anyone who can help me confirm a father son relation between Andy and George Washington Carr?  
Many thanks in advance. Robert Schneider

Date: 27 Nov 2002
From: Ronald Pettus
Does anyone have a correct listing of the children of Harriet Pettus and Nathan Rice who married in Lauderdale Co. in 1820?. I have:
        Jesse  (1821-1880)
        Mary A. (1823-1885)
        Susan B. (1834-?)
        Nathan H. (1838-?)
Is correct and/or complete?     Thanks,  Ronald Pettus

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