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Will of David Houston

Contributed by Judith M. Miller on 23 Aug 2001

Will Book A, pages 26-27
Lauderdale County, Alabama


The Will of David Houston

I, David Houston of the County of Lauderdale, State of Alabama, of a sound and disposing mind do on this 21st day of August 1836 made and publish this my last will and Testament.

Item 1st. It is my will and desire that all of my just debts shall be paid out of my personal property.

Item 2nd. After the payment of my just debts I will and bequeath until my daughter Jane a servant girl named Lize and her child and her sister named Jane.

Item 3: I will and bequeath until my daughter Rebecca Floras Mary an servant girl and her two children Kitta and Perry.

Item 4. I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary, Alsis Charlotte a servant girl.

Item 5. I will and bequeath until my daughter Louisa Vinas eldest daughter Caroline a servant girl.

Item 6. I will and bequeath to my daughter Ann Floras Lise a servant girl that waits in the house.

Item 7. I will and bequeath to the three children Pugh, Nancy and Jane Ridley of Robert Ridley and Sarah Ridley his wife a servant girl named Frances now in the possession of said Robert and Sarah. Also the sum of Three hundred a piece.

Item 8th. I will and bequeath to Robert Ridley one hundred and fifty dollars which is all I intend him to have of my estate.

Item 9. I will and bequeath to Sarah Ridley wife of said Robert One hundred and fifty dollars which is all I intend her to have of my estate.

Item 10th. I will and bequeath to my son Ross Houston the servant girl named Easter now in his possession and three tracts of land lying in Lauderdale County the one on which he lives called the Gravelly Springs tract and two others now in his possession known as the Strong tracts to him and his heirs forever which is all I intend for him to have of my estate.

Item 11. The balance of my estate of every sort and description I want divided fairly and equally between my sons Pugh Houston, George S. Houston, Russell Houston and G.J. Houston and my daughters Jane Houston, Rebecca Houston, Mary Houston, Louisa Houston and Ann Houston share an share alike - the mode of division to be such as my executors may adapt and agree upon.

Item 12th. It is my will and desire that my property shall be kept together as it is now during the life of my beloved wife Hanna Houston under the controul of my executors and that she is liberally supported out of the profits of the same during such her said life and that the profits of the labour of my servants on the farm and other places as my said executors may put them be put into and constitute a part of the general fund to be divided as aforesaid after taking out so much as may be required to support my beloved wife as aforesaid.

Item 13. I hereby appoint Pugh Houston and George S. Houston my sons my Exrs of this my last Will and Testament and it is my will and desire that they manage and controul my Estate as I have above requested it to be done.

Item 14. I hereby authorize and empower my Executors if they think proper to do so to dispose of ny of my surplus property real or personal at private sale or in any other manner they may agree upon and employ and use the
proceeds of said sale or sales in the way they may think best for the benefit of the legatees.

Signed this 22nd day of August, 1936 by David Houston

Witnessed by Richard Baugh, Moses White and Jane Bromley

Filed October 15th, 1836
Probate Court of Lauderdale County, Alabama

Recorded Will Book A, pages 26-27


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