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Probate Record of George Waters

Contributed by Sandra J. Sharp and Modene Thornton, Dec. 1998


Inventory of Personal Property of George Waters
Lauderdale County AL Inventory Bk D, p 640


A list of all the property belonging to the Estate Of Geo. Waters, dec'd

1 Red Cow, $25.00, 1 White Cow, $30.00, 1 Black sided Cow & calf
$30.00, 1 large kettle $.60, 2 hogs, $16.00, 1 old wagon $5.00, 1 Wash Pot, $3.00, 1 Skillet & Pot, $3.50, 1 Spinning Wheel & reel $1.00, 1 Table, $2.00, 4 Irons, $2.00, 1 Grind Stone, $1.00, 1Set old plows & singletrees, $2.00, 1 Chopping axe $1.00, 1 Sett Knives & Forks, $1.00, 1 Wheat sive, $ .50, 7 bu Wheat, $14.00, 1 Sive, $0.25, 7 Chairs $2.10, 3 Beds & Clothing, $75.00, 2 Bedsteads, $2.00, 1 Bureau, $15.00, 1 small table, $2.00, 1 Cupboard, $5.00, 1 Chest, $2.00, $19.00 in State Money, $19.00, Queensware, $3.00.

The above appraised List of the Property belonging to the Estate of George Waters, dec'd.
Sworn and subscribed to this Oct. 5th, 1865.
W C McMelvy J, P, Wilson Whitsett
Saml. P. Turner
John ? Martin


Petition to Sell Land of George Waters
Lauderdale Co., AL Inventory Book D, page 666

Petition to sell land.
To Honl, the Probate Court of Lauderdale County, Al: Your petitioner, as the Administrator of the Estate of George Waters, deceased, would respectfully state that the said Waters departed this life in the said county, intestate, leaving a widow, Nancy Waters, and the following children and heirs at law to wit: 
Nancy Ezell, Martha Peryman, Elizabeth Long, Daniel Waters, Peggy Hipps and Manervia Beckham, all of lawful age and children of the decedent and reside in Lauderdale County. Polly Adams, daughter of decedent and lives in Wayne County, Tennessee. The heirs of Obediah Waters, grandchildren of the decedent to wit: 
John Waters, Sarah Waters, Pat Waters, George Waters, and Allen Waters, all minors and reside in Hardin county, Tennessee. Jane Ezell, of lawful age and residence unknown. George Carr, of lawful age lives in the State of Mississippi.
Milton Carr, of age residence unknown. Jackson Carr, of age, residence unknown. Daniel Carr, Martha Carr, Synthia Carr, Mary Ann Carr, Elira (sic) Carr, all minor children of Annie Carr and grandchildren of Decedent and live in Lauderdale County. Jonathan Ezell, son of Sallie Ezell and resides in Lauderdale County. Edward Ezelle of lawful age and resides in Texas. Nancy Hughes, daughter of Sallie Ezell and resides in Lauderdale Co. Margaret Webb, resides in Lauderdale County, of lawful age.

That the decedent was at the time of his death siezed and possessed of the following lands to wit:
The NE 1/4 of Sec. 29, T 1, R 14 W and the NW 1/4 of the NW Sec 28, T 1, R 14 W.
And the petitioner alledges that the said lands cannot be euitably divided among the heirs of said estate and therefore asks the court to grant him an order to sell the same for the purpose of division on a credit of one and two years. Petitioner wishes an order to sell all the above lands except what willbe hereafter allotted to the widow for Dower. Sworn to and subscribed before me, November 11, 1865, V. M. Brenham, Probate Judge. Daniel W. Long, Admr of George

The named residents and ages of the heirs and distributees of the estate of said Decedent as your petitioner is advised and believes are as follows:
John Waters aged 65 years residence Pulaske County Arkansas, post office Mawmele. Geor. W. Waters aged 61 years residence Phillips County Arkansas, post office Hellena. Nanncy (sic) Ezell aged 55 years residence Texas.
Sallie Ezell heirs residence Texas. Mary Adams aged 45 years residence Wayne County Tenn. Minervia Becham aged 41 years residence Lauderdale Co Ala. Daniel Waters aged 48 years residence Lauderdale County Ala.
Mary Waters (heirs) residence Lauderdale County Ala. Peggie Hipps aged 53 residence Mississippi.
Anna Carr (heirs) residence Mississippi.

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