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Gist Town - Indian Cemetery

Laud Cem # 174    T1S, R10W, Sec 3 or 10            
Surveyed September 1999 by Elizabeth West, Howard Killen & Glenn Gist            
Location:   This cemetery is located at the top of a high hill overlooking Hollis Bottom on Shoal Creek near Gist Town.  It can be approached from CR 130 west of Green Hill & west of Cohorn Cemetery, or north of Emmaline Stutts Cemetery.            
Other information:            
1910 Census of Laud Co AL            
Elsie (Gist) Powell c1861  AL        Aley C. Gist was d of James & Elizabeth Gist    
William W.           c1885  AL        She wed Wm. C. Powell 18JA1880 in Laud Co AL    
Alma                   c1893 MO            
Luther                 c1895 MO       Luther was born 12MH1896 MO, died 9FE1930        
William L. McDonald recorded the following story about this cemetery:            
One day, Joseph Gist, veteran of the War of 1812,  heard what sounded like a turkey gobbling at the top of the hill.  He took his gun and climbed the hill, and just as he reached the top, an arrow whizzed by his head.  Quickly looking around, he saw an Indian in a tree.  He drew his weapon and killed the Indian.  As the Indian fell out of the tree, he turned and ran to Cow Pen Creek to the home of John McDonald (1793 - 1860+).  They returned to the hill top             
and finding no other Indians, they buried the dead Indian in the cemetery.  Later, one of Joseph's relatives ask him why he ran to old man McDonald's house.  Joseph said, " Those McDonalds are not afraid of bear or Indians."            

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