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Greer - Holmes Cemetery

Laud Cem #439   T2S, R7W, Sec 26        
Contributed by Orian Patterson & Pat Mahan        
Location: From Rogersville, go E on CR 26 about 3.5 m;. Rt on CR 125 for 0.3 m; Lt on CR 560 to the first bend.        
Take an unused woods-pasture trail to the E, through a gate to the wooded-pasture area for about 0.5 m until a stream of running water is found. Go E-SE 0 .5 m to an old barn. The cemetery is located E of the SE corner of the barn and is    
surrounded by a barb-wire fence.     


[Census Information added by Pat M. Mahan]            
1870 Census, Lauderdale Co AL, p. 493; T2, R7; 19 July 1870; P. O. Rogersville, 157/157            
Greer, David       28 m w farmer 400/200 TN            
", Sarah             27 f w                          TN            
", Elizabeth         8 2/12 f w                    AL            
", James             3 2/12 m w                   AL            
", Jesse              9/12 m w                     AL  b Sept            
1880 Census, Lauderdale Co AL, p. 190; T2 R7 Beat No. 2; ___ June 1880 [day not given]; 76/76            
Grear, David G.     w m 38 m farmer  TN SC VA            
", Sarah M.          w f 38 m wife       TN Unk Unk            
", Elizabeth         w f 18 s dau          AL TN TN  consumption            
", James M.         w m 13 s son         AL TN TN            
", Jesse C.           w m 10 s son         AL TN TN            
", Melissa D.        w f  7 s dau          AL TN TN            
", Samuel R.        w m  5 s son        AL TN TN             
", John M.           w m  3 s son        AL TN TN            
", Adie? T.           w f  1 s dau          AL TN TN            

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