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David W. and Sarah Columbia Palmer Graham Howell Bible


Contributed by Steve Cooper, March 2006

This bible is in poor condition and cannot be copied. The fly or front page is missing. The New Testament page is being presented here. The bible is owned by Peggy (Wesson) Cooper. For information on the families please contact Steve Cooper.




D.W. Howell and S.C Graham were united in marriage Oct 18 1880


Ida Howell and W. W. Palmer were united in marriage May 20 1880


W. T. Howell and Bessie Powers were united in marriage Oct 8 1878


Alice Howell and J. B. Thomas were united in Marriage Mar 1st 1894


Myrtle Howell and Turner E Wesson were united in marriage Nov 15th 1902


Theo B Howell and Chas V Shaw were united in marriage Feb 5 1902


Imogene Howell and J. R. Buffington were united in marriage Sept 10, 1900

Myrtle Howell was born Feb 6 1882

Theo Belle Howell was born Jan 14 1880

Louie Teb Howell was born Jan 16 1884

Anna Jene Howell was born Feb 19 1887

Carl Elmo Palmer was born Mar 3 1881

David Joshua Palmer was born Nov 8 1883

Thomas Glen Wesson was born Sept 29th 1903

Turner E Wesson was born Feb 2nd 1879

Julia Elizabeth Shaw was born May 29th 1903

Harmon Howell Shaw was born Aubust 15, 1904

Malissa Jane Shaw was born May 24, 1906

Joseph Cecil Buffington was born July 28 1906

Mary Beatrice Thomas was born June 4th 1895


James Howell Thomas September 11th was 
born Sept 11th 1897


Carl Phineas Thomas was born Jan 16th 1903


Thomas Glenn Wesson was born Sept 29th


Mary Alice Wright Howell was born October 26th 1868

Lillie Ida Howell Palmer
daughter of D. W. and Sallie Howell and wife of W. W. Palmer 
Departed this life Oct 8 1884 
Age 25 years & 13 days


Mary Alice Howell Thomas 
wife of James B. Thomas 
Departed this life November 13th 1908 age 40 years & 18 days


S. P. Graham Howell 
wife of D. W. Howell 
Departed this life 
Nov 20 1924 age 81


D. W. Howell Departed this life 
Sept 30 1928


Myrtle Howell Wesson 
Departed this life Feb

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