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Estate Papers of John Cantrell, Sr.

Contributed by Linda Vestal on 17 Aug. 2000; Record from Lauderdale County, AL Courthouse


A List of the apprased (sp) value of property belonging to the Estate of John Cantrell as provided for in the Last will & Testament of sd decedent


one Negro Girl named vilet     $425
one other Girl named sarryann   400
one boy named Peter             200
one Girl named Avalina          150
one other Girl named Pimmely    100
one stud Colt                   125
one other stud Colt              73
one stier                        10
one Cow & Calf                   12
26 Head stock hogs               30
18 head of pork hogs             90
3 other pork hogs                27
50 Barrels Corn more or Less      2.25
one mans Saddle                  10
one pair saddle bags              1.50
one saddle cover                   .75
(?)                               2.50
one Cross Cut saw                 3.00
one broad axe (?)                 2.50
4 augers                          2.25
one sash saw                      1.00
one set bench planes              3.50
Two chisels & one pair compasse    .75
one box sundrys                   2.00
one Lot Chissels & one auger      2.00
one gun & accoutremets            5.00
one latter                        1.25
one Foot (?) & Crows              1.50
8 hundred Bunches fodder
     more or Less                55.89
one clock                        35.00
one stack oats
one Lot old waggon Irons          8.00
one work stier                   20.00
one waggon                       20.00
4 Bee gum stand (?)               1.50
3 pair of hames and one pair
  Bridebands life straps (?)
    & bridle                      2.00
one (?) yearling                  2.00
one Brindas steer                 6.00
one steer                         2.62 1/2
one tare bucket                    .37 1/2

Philip Huggins
Jas M. Huggins
Levi Howell 


I do here by certify that the above subscribers was duly qallifyed by me to value the above Contained property of John Cauntrell deceast        J. M. Metton J P 


this being alis of the property appraised of John Cantrell Decesd 


Found amongst the affects of the Decsd in cash          $105.94
Received of C. D. Fowler money which
     he said had ben loand to him no note nor account      81.00
John Cantrell 

Sworn to Subscribed
before me this 3 april 1837.
John T Haram
Judge of Lauderdale County Court 

- - - - - - - 

 An Inventory of all the Personal property left Mary Cantrell by John Cantrell Decesed (sp) and it is as follows

One Negro Man David         $450.00
One Negro Woman Vina         500.00
One Negro Girl Harriet       375.00
One Negro Girl Haly          350.00
One Negro Girl Marthy        250.00
One Negro Boy Jerry          200.00
Two Beads & furniture         25.00
One Beauro and Book Case      20.00
One Cupboard                  10.00
One Trunk                      2.00
One Table                      2.00
One looking Glass              1.25
One lot of Books               2.50
One lot of Pot vessels         4.00
One lot of Ston War            4.50
One lot of Wooden vessels      1.50
One half Bushel                 .50
One tea ketle                  2.50
One lot of Puter Ware          5.00
1/2 Doz Botles                 2.00
One lot of Deph Ware           2.00
One lot Andironds
   fire shovel & sundrys       5.00
pare of Ballaners (?)
   hamer sissors and sew       1.50
One lot of chairs              1.50
One Coffee Mill                 .50
One side saddle                5.00
One lot of scrap iron chanes &c .50
One little wheat               1.50
hand saw and augers            1.50
One lot of plowes and gears    3.00
Two axes and sprouter hoes     2.50
One sythe                      1.50
One loom and Two wheles        4.00
5 Wheat Gums                   2.00
One Mule                      35.00


The State of Alabama
Lauderdale County

personaly apeard be foure me Thos H Reynold an acting Justice of the peace in & for said county Thomas McBride A. W. Howell & Hugh Reynolds as aprasors & state upon oath that the above inventory is corect sworne and subscribed before me this the 15 of October 1847
A. W. Howell
Thos. McBride
Hugh Reynolds

- - - - - -

Purchasers of Above Property.......Buckley Hamm (churn), John Howard (Waffle Iron), W. C. Reynolds (Bureau & Bookcase), Sally Cantrell, Jincy Cantrell (Trunk & 5 Guns), D. L. Kennady, Wm. B. Olive (looking glass), Lucinda Coburn (one lot books), Abner Beard, Wm. Hardwick, John Haddock, Josiah Darby, Jr., Wm. Anderson, Enoch Brewer, James Brewer, H. D. Howell, James Reynolds (spinning wheel), Jackson Brewer, Washington Campbell, Joseph Brewer, John S. Wilson, Casper McBride, Hiram Kennady, David Spain, C. W. Garret, R. B. Hussey, Presley Hensley (?), E. G. Philips & Wm. Cantrell
"6 Negroes 2025 to Wm Stutts"

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