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Laud Cem # 650    T3S, R12W            
Surveyed by the late William Q. Hill about 1967

Published in the Florence Times 25 Feb 1968

Location: [From William Q. Hill's survey notes.] From Florence take State Highway 14 for about two miles. The cemetery is about one and one-half miles to the left of the road. There is no accessible road to the cemetery, it is on the Perry Estate. There were only two graves found but it is possible in the past there were other graves. Evidence indicates that it was abandoned many many years ago. [Note: Efforts to locate this cemetery since William Q. Hill surveyed it have not been successful.]

KEY, Ann, born January 5, 1765.  Died August 22, 1845.

KEY, John, born 3rd of September 1790 and dies 4th of March 1843.

Key Cemetery
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