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Dedie Larimore to Robert Henry Thompson

Contributed  by Chris Hanlin on 24 Jun 2006

This letter is from Dedie Larimore to one of her cousins, probably Robert Henry Thompson. Robert owned a house in Mars Hill which was his usual residence, but he often was away on business. When this letter was written – October of 1894 – Robert was dividing his time between Hartselle and Florence, and Robert’s wife Erin Augusta “Gusta” (Owen) Thompson was visiting her parents in Massey, Alabama.

Home, Oct. 24, ‘94


My Dear Cousin,


I came home today and found your letter. I am so glad you are well and doing well. I would have answered your other letter but after you failed to come home I did not know where to write. Ettie had a letter from Gusta last Friday but it must have been “strictly private” for she only told us a very few things that were in it. Ettie is having a picnic every day while you are away. She goes after the mail every day and of course she made it convenient to tell [Dr. or Dru?] so I think she sees him every day. I think he is well. He was not out Sunday. Mrs. Crittendon has been about to die and when they told Neta they had given her mother up it threw her into a fever so I guess he was too busy to come. Mrs. C. is better today.


The Moore folks are all well again. Bird and Bland went to town yesterday.


Mary Kackleman has a girl.


Aunt Bettie and Aunt Maggie have been a little sick but are about well again. “Marlie” had the measles but she didn’t die. Aunt Likey is still able to grunt.


I went to Mrs. Southworth’s Sunday evening and came home today. Had a very pleasant visit. Gertie says Mr. Young is coming south but not to Ala. He is going to sell patent oilers for his brother and she hopes he will soon send for her.

Papa went to Bell Mina last Tuesday and “tied the knot” for Richard Patterson came from there home Wednesday then went back to Dickson Springs Friday. Had had 37 additions when he left there.


I go to your house every other day and feed and water the chickens. I found an old hen with seven little chickens next day after you left but last time I was over there she only had three and I fear she has none now.

I had to shell peas last night till ten o’clock then of course I went to sleep before my letter was finished and as this is wash day I will have to send it without finishing it. We are getting very anxious to see you all.




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