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Estate Papers of Mary Cantrell

Contributed by Linda Vestal on 1 Sep. 2000; Record from Lauderdale County, AL Courthouse


Invitary of Sale of property sold at Mary Cantrell deceased December 23rd 1847
John Howard Adm.

Lee Hendrix          one lot leather          $1.12 ½
W C Reynolds         one Kettle                2.68
Jesse Olive          one Oven                  1.18 ¾
Josep Hardwick       1 check reel              3.05
Lucinda Coburn       one lot bed clothing     10.00
Thomas Clemmons      one lot bed clothing      6.60
Nathaniel Smith      one lot bed clothing      6.87 ½
Thomas Clemmons      one lot bed clothing      7.37 ½
Robert Harville      one lot bed clothing      5.50
Jincy Cantrell       set curtains              1.12 ½
W C Reynolds         table cloth                .87 ½
Jincy Cantrell       one lot Table cloths      1.50
Jincy Cantrell       one lot bed furniture      .75
Jincy Cantrell       one lot tin ware          1.00
Joseph Hardwick      one spice morton          1.25
Washington Campbell  cotton yearn & med.       1.50
Jincy Cantrell       one lot wool              1.87 ½
Edmond Kenedy        one oxe & plow            2.60
W. C. Reynolds       one bed & furniture      10.20
George Terrel        one bed & stid            8.75
Lucinda Coburn       one lot ware              1.00
John Story           one large dish             .37 ½
Abner Beard          one lot plates
                        & silver spoons        2.50
Robert Harville      6 coffe plates             .37 ½
Lucinda Coburn       cooper ware               1.00
Giles McBride        1 pail                     .06 ¼
Joseph Hardwick      3 pr cards                1.20
John Anderson        one raw hide              1.12 ½
T. C. Mackey         5 bushel wheat            xxx
Edmund Canedy       10 bushel wheat            6.50
Thomas Kenedy       10 bushel wheat            6.65
John G. Parke       lot seed cotton             .50
L. L. Hendrix       one lot pick cotton         .85
L. L. Hendrix       one bee hive               2.55
T. C. Mackey        3 pork hogs               24.00
Levi Hurst          3 pork hogs               15.00
Thomas Kenedy       5 barrels corn             8.20
William Wesson      25 bar. corn              40.00
T. B. Arnote        5 bar corn                 8.05
Archibald Olive                                6.40
John Story      - - - - - -                    5.15
William Wesson      one mare                  42.50
John Liles          one black cow              8.75
John Howell         one yearling                .60
Amos McDonald       1 steer                    4.37 ½
Amos McDonald       3 yearlings                8.50
Thomas Clemons      one cow                    6.12 ½
T. E. Anderson      one yoke oxen             39.00
Joseph Hardwick     13 sheep                  20.15
Joseph Hardwick     6 sows pigs               20.25
Buckly Hamm         7 hogs                    18.37 ½
James Oakley        20 shoots                 16.35
Mathew McDonald     one waggon                30.37 ½
Harden Atwell       one lot salt               1.60
Antom               one wash pan                .25
A. Olive            one lot chickens           1.57 ½
Lucinda Coburn      shelfware                   .56 ¼
Thos Ross           one file &co                .30
William Howell      one hog                    1.18


To the Hon. William B. Wood Judge of the County and Orphans Court for Lauderdale County, Alabama.


Your petitioner, John W. Howard respectfully showeth unto your Honor that he is administrater of all and singular the goods & chattels rights and credits of Mary Cantrill lately decd of said county & here exhibits his letters of administration to him granted by your Hon bearing date the (blank) day of (blank) of 184_ marked "A" and mark apart hereof.  He further states that his intestate did not to the best of his knowledge, information & beliefs at the time of her death own any real estate of any character or description in this state.  And soon after his appointment as administrater aforesaid to wit in December 1847 he sold at public sale to the highest bidder on a credit of twelve months all of the personal property belonging to his intestate which sold for about the sum of four hundred and twenty eight dollars and seventy four cents.  Part of this money he has collected and has on hand the following notes for purchasing at said sale to wit


one on Joseph A. Hardwick
  residing in this county for       $35.82
one on Jane Brewer
  residing in this county for        50.00
one on Jessee A. Oakley
  residing in this county for        43.00
one on Wm. A. Wesson, O. W. Wesson
  & Jesse A. Oakley for              82.50
  all residing in this county and said thereon

And he has the following judgments against the following named persons (all residing in this county) on the docket of Thomas H. Reynolds a Justice of the peace for said county to wit:

one against J. B. Arnold & 
  Wm. B. Nail for                   $10.75
one against Thos. J. Liles &
  R. Couhome                         10.05 ¼
one against Wm. R. James E.
  & John Anderson for       $40.12 ½
  on which has been paid    $18.20
  leaving due thereon                21.92 ½
one against G. W. Terrill &
  A. Beard for               $8.75
  on which has been paid     $4.70
  leaving due thereon                 4.04
one against Thomas Clemmons for      32.97
one against B. Ham jr. and
  John Story for                     20.51 ¼
one judgment against R. C. OBryant,
  T. O. H. P. Hatton and Archibald
  Oliver for                          6.40
now residing in Wayne County Tenessee
one against Levi and J. P. Hurst for 15.00
and 54 (?) dollars 
cash on hand at intestates death      6.00
The above schedule contains all of the (?) in action of his intestates estate.  And there is no real estate or personal property.  The following is a schedule of all of the claims against his intestate so far as your petitioner is informed by purculation (?) the nature of each claim, its amount & the name and residence of the auditors to wit-


An account of Levi Hurst residing in Wayne County Tennessee for the season of a mare of intestate for      $3.00
A store account due Thomas H. & W. C. Reynols both residing in
  this county for                         2.18 ¾
An amount due Jessee B. Olive 
  in this court for                        .50
An amount filed by Lucinda Cockburn of Hardin County Tennessee for Services which she claims to have been rendered
 intestate in her lifetime - amounting
 to about                               395.00
Besides interest - And your petitioner  has already paid out for expenses (?) incurred in his administration of said
 estate over fifty dollars               50.00

And there are yet other costs and expenses to be paid besides this compensation for his services as administrater aforesaid.

Also an account found Jo A Hardwick of this county for making intestates
 coffin of                               $20.00

So that your petitioner charges that the estate of the said Mary Cantrill is insolvent and he prays your Honor so to declare it - out of the claims in decd estate as above petitioner thinks the following two as doubtfull

Ham & Story for           $20.51 1/4 &
 Liles & Corhome for      $10.05 ¼
one on Arnold & Nail is   $10.78 
 & Liles & Hurst is        15.00
all the others he believes to be good

The State of Alabama Lauderdale County to wit - This day personally came John W. Howard administrater of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits that were of Mary Cantrill lately decd of this county intestate and makes oath before me William B. Wood Judge of the County and Orphans Court within and for the County and state aforesaid, that the above allegations - and the schedule above, showing the amount of the assests of his intestate in his hands as well as the schedule also above showing the claims existing against said estate - the nature and amount of each and the names and residence of each creditor of the Estate are true and correct according to the best of his knowledge, information and belief
Sworn to (?) before me on this the 23rd day of August 1849

Wm B. Wood Judge
Lauderdale Co Ct Ala
J. W. Howard


"Florence Enquirer" - Insolvent Notice.
The State of Alabama,
Lauderdale County. 
Orphan's Court, September 24, 1849.

This day came John Howard, Administrator of the Estate of Mary Cantrill deceased, and filed his allegation in writing, setting forth that said estate is insolvent, and at the same time filed a schedule showing all the personal estate, choses in action &c., belonging to said Estate, and also shewing that the deceased had no Real Estate at the time of her death, to be administered; also showing all the claims presented and existing against said Estate, so far as the same has come to his knowledge.


Notice is hereby given to the creditors and all others interested, that the Judge of said County Court, has set apart the Fourth Monday in November next, to pass upon said allegations, and hear reasons, if there is any, why said Estate should not be delcared insolvent.
Test:  W. T. Hawkins, Cl'k.

Oct 11, 1849

John W Howard Admn

On Settlement of Mary Cantrells Estate
Exceptions filed by and on behalf of Willis Hays & Lucinda Hays his wife to the account of the said admn as filed for settlement. [mentions "Thos. Reynolds as justice of the peace"]

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