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Laud #677      Sec 10, T3S, R11W

Surveyed by Robert Torbert  17 Nov 2000


Location:  This cemetery is located in Florence in the 800 block of West Irvine Street, behind the Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church. For the purpose of this survey, the cemetery was divided into four sections, as follows: 


(NOTE: Rows are numbered from the church out for Sections 1 & 2; and from the West driveway for Sections 3 & 4.)
Section 1 includes the area from the Monument to the East driveway
Section 2 includes the area from the Monument to the West driveway (except for the tombstones in the rows running                  North to South next to the driveway.
Section 3 includes the area where the rows run North to South on the Right side of the West driveway.
Section 4 includes the area to the left of the West driveway.

Mt. Calvary Cemetery
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