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Laud Cem # 487     T2S, R9W, Sec 20                
Surveyed September 2006 and Updated October 2016 by Robert Torbert                
Location:  From Florence, go E on US 72 through Killen to Brooks High School; Lt on CR 103 about 1 mile.  The cemetery is on the Lt just past the intersection with CR 440.  The rows are numbered from the entrance gate.  An * indicates the correction of an error in the earlier survey published on page 299 in "Cemeteries of East Lauderdale County,                 

UPDATE:  In 2016, descendants of Friedrich and Renetta Losman Peck installed a new monument in honor of our ancestors, who were among a group of families who immigrated to the area from the village of Mocker in the Oberschliesen region of Prussia (now Mokre, Opole, Poland). Lauderdale County educator Brian Smith has formed a Facebook group for the descendants of all of these immigrant families.

Peck Cemetery
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