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Marriages Performed by Rev. Virgil Henderson Gean, Sr.


Contributed by Mildred Mason, Feb. 2005


Abilene (Sego) Gean, the wife of Rev. Virgil H. Gean, Sr., meticulously kept the records below until her death on the 23rd of February 1997.


Spouse No. 1 to Spouse No. 2 on DATE


ARNOLD, Deborah Gene to GEAN, Virgil Henderson Jr. on 10 Aug 1973

AUSTIN, Edna to HINTON, Virgil on 12 Aug 1945

AUSTIN, Mary Walter to McFALL, Dougle on 25 Dec 1942

BALENTINE, Dorothy Ellen to BERRY, Leo on 30 Apr 1966

BENSON, Mondel to VADEN, Louise on 28 Mar 1946

BENSON, Pam to COSSEY, Gary on 1 Oct 1983

BERRY, Leo to BALENTINE, Dorothy Ellen on 30 Apr 1966

BEVIS, Delsie to HOLCOMBE, Willard on 20 Dec 1946

BRASHER, Donald Edward to WINSTED, Terisa Gale no date given

BREWER, Benny to HARPER, Sally on 26 Mar 1966

BURNS, Joyce Ann to FRANKS, Kenneth Carmack on 23 Sep 1967

BUTLER, Gentry to HARPER, Barbara on 12 Aug 1963

CHANDLER, Carl to WILLIAMS, Deborah on 29 Jun 1979

CLANTON, Dorothy to HAYES, Jerry Lee on 15 Oct 1966

CLANTON, Judy Marie to COX, Robert Earl on 10 Dec 1966

CLEMMONS, David Glenn to REAVES, Barbara Kay on 30 Dec 1972

COSSEY, Barbara Ann to FRANKS, Jerry Maynard on 14 Apr 1973

COSSEY, Gary to BENSON, Pam on 1 Oct 1983

COX, Robert Earl to CLANTON, Judy Marie on 10 Dec 1966

DIXON, Linda to GRAY, Randal on 30 Jul 1966

FRANKS, Jerry Maynard to COSSEY, Barbara Ann on 14 Apr 1973

FRANKS, Kenneth Carmack to BURNS, Joyce Ann on 23 Sep 1967

FRANKS, Larry Finis to RAY, Terrie Sue on 29 Mar 1980

FRANKS, Lisa to PRICE, Rickey on 29 Jun 1979

GEAN, Kenneth Aaron to LARD, Wanda Sue on 31 Aug 1967

GEAN, Virgil Henderson Jr. to ARNOLD, Deborah Gene on 10 Aug 1973

GRAY, Randal to DIXON, Linda on 30 Jul 1966

HAIRRELL, Clura to JONES, Leonard on 19 Jan 1941

HARPER, Barbara to BUTLER, Gentry on 12 Aug 1963

HARPER, Sally to BREWER, Benny on 26 Mar 1966

HARVILE, Sherry to HOLCOMBE, Anthony on 9 Feb 1979

HAYES, Jerry Lee to CLANTON, Dorothy on 15 Oct 1966

HENSON, G. L. to VICKERY, Pauline on 14 Aug 1944

HINTON, Leonard to TUNE, Nadine on 13 Jul 1946

HINTON, Virgil to AUSTIN, Edna on 12 Aug 1945

HOLCOMBE, Anthony to HARVILE, Sherry on 9 Feb 1979

HOLCOMBE, Grady to WHITE, Marjorie no date given

HOLCOMBE, James L. to McCURY, Fannie on 24 Dec 1947

HOLCOMBE, Lowell Neely to WILBURN, Rachel Diane on 22 Jul 1972

HOLCOMBE, Willard to BEVIS, Delsie on 20 Dec 1946

JONES, Leonard to HAIRRELL, Clura on 19 Jan 1941

JONES, Mae to SCOTT, Bobby Joe on 14 Jul 1962

JONES, Regina Annette to SOUTH, Roger Allen on 19 Sep 1974

KEELE, Loyal to THACKER, Eliane on 15 May 1967

LACKER, Sylvia Ann to ORRICK, Anthony Wayne on 6 Mar 1982

LARD, Wanda Sue to GEAN, Kenneth Aaron on 31 Aug 1967

MARROW, Marvin to RICH, Connie on 17 Sep 1966

McCURY, Fannie to HOLCOMBE, James L. on 24 Dec 1947

McFALL, Dougle to AUSTIN, Mary Walter on 25 Dec 1942

McFALL, Inez to MORRIS, Ancle on 24 Nov 1946

MORRIS, Ancle to McFALL, Inez on 24 Nov 1946

MURPHY, Earl to RODGERS, Toye Etta on 24 Dec 1947

MURPHY, Floyd to ROGERS, Mary Esther on 1 Nov 1947

ORRICK, Anthony Wayne to LACKER, Sylvia Ann on 6 Mar 1982

PARKER, Norvin to SEGO, Madeline on 6 Sep 1941

PRICE, Jerry David to WALKER, Shirley Marie on 26 Jan 1969

PRICE, Rickey to FRANKS, Lisa on 29 Jun 1979

RAY, Terrie Sue to FRANKS, Larry Finis on 29 Mar 1980

REAVES, Barbara Kay to CLEMMONS, David Glenn on 30 Dec 1972

RICH, Connie to MARROW, Marvin on 17 Sep 1966

RODGERS, Toye Etta to MURPHY, Earl on 24 Dec 1947

ROGERS, Mary Esther to MURPHY, Floyd on 1 Nov 1947

SCOTT, Bobby Joe to JONES, Mae 14 on Jul 1962

SCOTT, Homer Lynn to THOMPSON, Linda Gail on 22 Dec 1967

SEGO, Madeline to PARKER, Norvin on 6 Sep 1941

SHIELDS, Jimmy Dale to WILKS, Nancy Joan on 4 May 1972

SMITH, Arthur D. to WINSTED, Cythia Rebecca on 21 Nov 1987

SMITH, Gladys to WHITE, B. F. on 21 Dec 1946

SOUTH, Roger Allen to JONES, Regina Annette on 19 Sep 1974

THACKER, Eliane to KEELE, Loyal on 15 May 1967

THOMPSON, Linda Gail to SCOTT, Homer Lynn on 22 Dec 1967

TUNE, Nadine to HINTON, Leonard on 13 Jul 1946

VADEN, Louise to BENSON, Mondel on 28 Mar 1946

VICKERY, Pauline to HENSON, G. L. on 14 Aug 1944

WALKER, Shirley Marie to PRICE, Jerry David on 26 Jan 1969

WHITE, B. F. to SMITH, Gladys on 21 Dec 1946

WHITE, Marjorie to HOLCOMBE, Grady no date given

WILBURN, Rachel Diane to HOLCOMBE, Lowell Neely on 22 Jul 1972

WILKS, Nancy Joan to SHIELDS, Jimmy Dale on 4 May 1972

WILLIAMS, Connie to WORD, Johnnie on 26 Dec 1987

WILLIAMS, Deborah to CHANDLER, Carl on 29 Jun 1979

WINSTED, Cythia Rebecca to SMITH, Arthur D. on 21 Nov 1987

WINSTED, Terisa Gale to BRASHER, Donald Edward no date given

WORD, Johnnie to WILLIAMS, Connie on 26 Dec 1987


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