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Marriages Performed by Rev. John W. Lee


Contributed by Mac Lambert, Apr 2002

NOTE: These marriage records of Rev John W. Lee, b. 1852, covers the years from 1879 to 1935. They are from Jane Lee Hodges, his G Granddaughter. Some were a litlle hard to read, but copied best I could. The very last one, Luther
Faulkner to Fleetie Smith came from their family Bible, and my personal knowledge. This covers from the Waterloo area to across the line in Tennessee. My notes are in [  ], showing family ties, as best I know, of some of the people.


Jas. H. Holt to W. A. Shaw



Sevier McDaniel to F. E. Austin
W. F. Parker to Elizia Robertson

J. B. Qualls to M. A. Qualls [J. B. Qualls is the son of John D. Qualls and Martha Jane Lard.]

A. J. Haynes to M. E. Qualls [A. J. “Archibale” Haynes is the son of Hiram Haynes and Sarah Lamb. M. A. “Mary” Qualls is the daughter of Henry Qualls and Angeline Austin.]

W. C. Scott to Nancy A. Qualls [No info on W. C. Scott. Nancy A. Qualls is the child of James Calvin Qualls and Rebecca Huggins.]

Samuel Scott to Caroline Scott [Samuel Scott is the son of William Thomas Scott and Louisa Huggins. Caroline Scott is the daughter of Poindexter Scott and Mahalia Lamb.



W. W. Qualls to Larah Austin
W. M. Hitchcock to M. A. Lambert
Reece Austin to Mary E. Shepard
W. G. Greeson to M. E. Parker
Jas. L. Shelby to Martha Kilborn
W. C. Austin to L. E. Bivens
S. H. Cossey to N. A. Eaves

J. D. Haynes to N. E. Cossey [J. D. (John Darling) Haynes is the son of Hiram Haynes and Sarah Lamb. N. E. (Nancy Elizabeth) Cossey is the daughter of John Cossey and Martha Jane Austin. John Cossey was killed in the Civil War before Nancy was born.]



A. M. Robbins to M. E. Nolen [A. M. (Addison Melvin) Robbins is POSSIBLY the son of Addison Melvin Robbins Sr., and unknown first wife. M. E. (Mary Elizabeth) Nolan is POSSIBLE the daughter of William Nolan and Mary Anna Seaton.

Jas. W. Johnson to E. J. Qualls [James Wesley Johnson is the son of John Wesley Johnson and Mary A. F. Lee. E. J. (Elizabeth Jane) Qualls is the daughter of James Calvin Qualls and Rebecca Huggins.]



John W. Austin to Nancy E. Qualls [John W. Austin is the son of John Bally Austin and Jane Lamb. Nancy E. (Ellen) Qualls is the daughter of William Riley Qualls and Jane Huggins.]

J. T. Austin to Eliza Qualls

R. J. Bryson to N. A. Qualls [No info on R. J. Bryson. N. A. (Nipsey) Qualls is the daughter of Archibald Qualls and Rachel Austin.]

Thos. Mickle to Susanna Scott [Thomas Mickle (Thomas Leander Michael) is the son of Henry Frederick Michael and Nancy Huggins. Susanna (Tennessee) Scott is the daughter of John Wesley Scott and Mary Jane Haynes.]



Darlin Haynes to Sarah Kelley



Wynes Stout to Emma Johnson [Robert Wines Stout is the son of Andrew Stout and Louisa Higgins. Emma (Amanda Emeline) Johnson is the daughter of John C. Johnson and Selina Elizabeth Johnson.]

Ephriam Rogers? to George A. Qualls [No info on Ephriam Rogers. George A. Qualls is POSSIBLY Georgia Qualls, daughter of James Calvin Qualls and Rebecca Huggins.]



George Paulk to Timey Hitchcock Mar 17 [George Paulk is the son of Jacob Paulk and Martha Pinkster. Timey Hitchcock is the daughter of Jefferson Hitchcock and Mary Elizabeth Mangrum.]

Luther Northcutt to Malinda Lard
M. F. Mangum to M. J. Yeiser? Dec 8



W. E. Rogers to L. C. Qualls Jan 6 [W. E. (William Claude) Rogers is the son of Beverly Rogers and Eliza Ann Moore. L. C. (Lucretia Catherine) Moore is the daughter of Tyler Bolin Qualls and Martha E. Cossey.]

J. C. Ross to Lizzie Higgins
J. D. Yeiser to Ella Ross



J. A. Austin to Lizzie Stout [J. A. (James Anse) Austin is the son of Archibald Saunders Austin and Martha Ann Qualls.]

J. C Martin to Anna Hitchcock [J. C. (James Clinton) Martin is the son of James Martin and Mary Jane Kendall. Anna Hitchcock is the daughter of William Hitchcock and Callie Staggs.]

W. L. Stricklin to Mary McClain Dec 9



D. L. Burks? to Tamey Curtis
J. W. Condrey to Flora McDaniel

J. W. Brown to N. M. Tally [N. M. Tally? Perhaps a daughter of Pleasant Tally and Adeline Seaton?]



Percy E. Thompson to Cynthia Price Jan 14 [Percy E. (Estes) Thompson is the son of Levi Thompson and Elizabeth Norwood. No infor on Cynthia Price.]

Abe Qualls to Mollie Curtis [Abe (Abraham “Bud”) Qualls is the son of George W. Qaulls and Martha Robbins. No info on Mollie Curtis.]



William Singley to E. J Futrell [E. J. (Elizabeth Jane) Futrell is the daughter of Andrew Jackson Futrell and Mary Jane Scytzs

T. M. McDaniel to S. A. Tally

Isaac Stout to Louisa Hubbard July 7 [Isaac Stout is the son of John “Black John” Stout and Frances Austin. No info on Louisa Hubbard.]

L. S. Beckham to Ella Smith



W. L. Nolen to Nancy Palmore
Sam J. Qualls to Lula Richardson Oct 12



R. C. Whitaker to Mattie Robertson
W. C. Hairell to Cynthia Hairell



Sam Simpson to Nicy Devenroh?? Col
J.E. McDanold to Ida Hairell
Sam H. Emerson to Laura J. Perkins Dec 11
J. M. Higgins to Orah L. Wood Dec 26
John J. Turner Jr. to Dora E. Landrum



Baily Webb to Fannie Phillips Nov 24
Rippie Whitsett to Mollie Whitaker Dec 24
W. D. Allen to Nannie Cannon

Luther Parker to Ora Parnell [Luther Parker is a son of Jasper Parker and Catherine Higgins. Ora Parnell is a daughter of William Parnell and Louisa Webb.]

Foster Isom to Phoeba Norwood



James Haygood to Minerva Landrum May 9
Hiram Richardson to Jessie Emerson Aug 11
W. A. White to Lula L. Pool Aug 28
Will Crittendon to Iza? D. Hubbard Col
W. L. Young to Ella Saddler



W. D. Swinford to Julia Spencer
W. D. Haygood to Martha Smith May 16



Hunter Lindsey to Laura Saddler [Hunter Lindsey is a son of Adron Lindsey and Martha Higgins. Laura Saddler is the daughter of John Saddler and Melissa Wood.]

W. G. Perkins to F. B. Whitten Feb 21
Walter Bankhead to Mary Ellen Wilks Mar 20 Col
Andrew Higgins to Beadie Scott Dec 17



John Franks to Mary E. Gibbs
Charles Williams to Ada Faires April 9
H. W. Hairrell to Hester Higgins

L. A. Faires to M. M. Scott [No info on L. A. Faires. M. M. (Minnie) Scott is a daughter of Andrew Scott and Martha Lucinda Austin.]

W. E. Gault to Orah L. Wood



Felix Gean to D. L. Sharp Jan 20
Alonzo Ford to R. Elizabeth Fielder Feb 8
Sam Lindsey to Mattie Sharp Mar 11
Owen Mansell to Lucille Patton May 6
Joseph Wesson to Callie Sharp Now 4

Charles J. Sego to Easter T. Haynes [No info on Charles Sego. Easter T. Haynes is the daughter of Robert Henry Haynes and Pamela Jane Barrier.]

George W. Gean to Florence Perkins [George W. (Wiley) Gean is the son of Wiley Henderson Gean and Nancy Whitaker. No info on Florence (Mabel) Perkins.]



John Tell to Deaner McDaniel

John W. Turpin to Tishie Hairrell [John W. Turpin is a son of Samuel Turpin and Mary Nicholas. Tishie Hairrell is a daughter of John Hairrell and Rendie Lucas.]

Frank Hawkins to Loney Johnson
D. J. Edwards to Lizzie Lansford July 17
J. J. Lawson to Ella White Sept 22



Owen Bankhead to Hattie Hawkins Jan 30 Col
A. F. Young to M. A. Edwards Nov 18

John R. Austin to N. Virginia Stricklin Nov 19 [John R. (Riley) Austin is a son of Stephen Alfred Austin and Mary Elizabeth Seaton. N. (Nancy) Virginia Stricklin is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Stricklin and Martha Jane Webb.]

Bishop Witherspoon to Charlote Price Col



W. L Bevis to Jeanie Young
T. R. Castle??ing to Annie Davenport Col

Charlie Phillips to Ora Stansell [No info on Charlie Phillips. Ora (Ora Bell) Stansell is the daughter of James (Roe) Stansell and Mary Catherine Mangrum.]

Arthur Hairrell to Lillie D. Webb Nov 8 [Arthur Hairrell is a son of Brazelton Hairrell and Mary Jane Lucas. Lillie D. (Delila) Webb is the daughter of James Burt Webb and Sarah Elizabeth Mansell.]

Ben Johnson to Ellen Bankhead Dec 18
B. Wilburn Rayburn to Ella Jones Dec 22



Zack R. Higgins to Ollie Spain Jan 10
Will Desharie? to Lealer Isley Sept 4



James M. Bell to Josie Maples Mar 3 (In Oklahoma)
S. A. Shelby to Myrtle Davis May 31
Thomas F. Sinclair to Pauline Ransom Aug 6
Marvin Lutts to Lizzie Perkins Aug 6

Jeff Higgins to Hattie Haynes Aug 2 [Jeff Higgins is the son of Richard Higgins and Emily Lucas. Hattie (Idella)Haynes is the daughter of Robert Henry Haynes and Pamela Jane Barrier.]

Arthur T. Call to Letha Emma Wilson Oct 29
W. O. Edwards to Lena Wilson Nov 1



M. B. Robertson to Joe White Jan 24

Lee O. Haynes to Romie Faires May 2 [Lee O. Haynes is the son of Jesse Hopkins Haynes and Louise Adeline Dowdy. No info on Roie Faires.]

Bud Cummins to Velma Richardson May 10
Joe Crutchfield to Laura Evans Sept 3

Billie Hinton to Dora Shepard Oct 7 [No info on Billie (William) Hinton. Dora (Dora Cordelia) Shepard is the daughter of Thomas Abraham Shepard and Mary Jane Gean.]

J. F. Jones to Blanche Robertson Dec 9
J. B. Emerson to Lula M. Higgins Dec 11



C. M. Dean to Mattie Nix July 12
A. D. Higgins to Ora Pickens Oct 2



Fuller? Kirkpatridk to Virgie Bevis Sept 10
Arthur James to Esther Bevis
Bud Higgins to Lottie Spain Oct 7

Alvey White to Katie Austin Nov 1 [Alvey White is possibly a son of Highram White and Mary Rainy. Katie Austin is a daughter of Andrew Austin and Loula McDaniel.]



Siam? F Tatum to Mary J. Adams May 16
Vinent Whitlock to Bertha Ticer Aug 5
Grover Brown to Oda Sharp Aug 2

W. O. Hairson to Pearl Barrier [W. O. (William Oris) Harrison is the son of John Bell Harrison and Eliza Weatherford. Pearl Barrier is the daughter of Archibald Barrier and Mary Alice Steeley.]

Julius Webb to Mamie Keenum Sept 7
David Hanback to Rosa Smith Dec 1
Will E. ?????? to Emma Vaden Dec 23



John J. Baugh to Leana Ticer Nov 10



Carl Hairrell to Cora Jones Feb 18
L. Gant Sego to Lizzie Jones May 10
Jack Johnson to Pearl Milford July 21
H. Wade Wesson to Lizzie N. Jones Aug 1
James Emmet Wilson to Virgie White Sept 22

Luther Qualls to Pearl Pickens July 25 [Luther Qualls is a son of Richard Qualls and Tennessee Jane Austin, Pearl Pickens is a child of Avery Pickens and Susan Elizabeth Austin.]



Charles L. Baugh to Mattie Gorman Oct 26



Clarenc W. McCord to Pearl Bevis April 14

J. Ernest Barrier to Vertie Baugh Oct 11 [J. Ernest Barrier is a son of Archibald Barrier and Mary Alice Steeley, Vertie Baugh is a daughter of Bob Baugh and Mary Higgins.]



Richard F. Higgins to Hester Smith Feb 17
Robert Faulkner to Nora Perkins Mar 28
Jim Whitten to Mamie Jones Sept 19
Rexie? Young to Mamie Smith Oct 17



J. W. Nolen to Lora Whitaker Feb 13 [J. W. (John William) Nolen is the son of William Nolen and Mary Ada Seaton, Lora Ann Whitaker is the daughter of John Robert Whitaker and Arlene Lennie Faulkner.]

Ed White to Jewell Robertson May 21

George Bruce to Pearl Crider May 21 George Bruce is the son of George Robert Bruce and Matilda Ann Sharp, Pearl (Lula Pearl) Crider is the daughter of Charlie W. Crider and Mary Unk]

J. Rilen?? Weston to Verdie Fielder Dec 24
?????? Weston to Linnia? James Dec 24



Luther W. La????? to Effie Williams Sept 16
John H. Hill to Dewey Shaw Sept 22
Ernest L. Smith to Lillie Richardson Nov 10



Claud South to Clara Dearin Jan 8
William Vandiver to Willie Howard Aug 25

Chalmer Seaton to Edna Wesson Dec 20  [Chalmer (Jessie Chalmer) Seaton is the son of Levi Henry Seaton and Florence Shaw, no info on parents of Edna Wesson.]



Ira Johnson to Martha Qualls Jan 11  [Ira Johnson is the son of John Johnson and Nancy Seaton, Martha Qualls is the child of Abe Qualls and Mollie Curtis.]

William Isley to Mason Sharp Oct 19  [No info on William Isley, Mason Sharp is the daughter of Owen Bennett Sharp and Fannie Wiley.]

Correy Barrier to Zadia Wesson Nov 20

Perry Austin to Ella Hayes Dec 28 [Perry Austin is the son of Andrew J. Austin and Loula McDaniel, no info on Ella Hayes.]



Emmett Sego to Pearl Jones April 4



Henry May to Ethel Forbes Jan 27
Ray Weston to Jewel James
Geo. W. Wadell to Maudie Hayes May 6
John Murphy to Myrtle Marlar Dec 25



George G. Shrader to Bessie L. Williams July 19
Ellmer Hayes to Fredie V. Tally Sept 24
James Hutchinson to Effie Mae Williams Nov 7
Floyd Barrier to Myrtle Jones Dec 24



S. Warden Austin to Annie M. Blount July 26 [S. (Sam) Warden Austin is the son of Steven Alfred Austin and Mary Elizabeth Seaton, Annie M. (Mae) Blount is the daughter of John William Blount and Ida Bacchus.]

Grady H. Wesson to Tempie M. Reese Dec 28



Bart Haynes to Della Balentine Oct 16  [Bart (Bartley Alexander) Haynes is a son of Robert Henry Haynes and Pamelia Jane Barrier, no info on parents of Della Balentine.]

Clyde Lindsey to Jewel Ticer Dec 25 [No info on Clyde Lindsey, Jewell Ticer is the dau of Ott Ticer and Vertie Robertson.]

Harvey Lester Bryant to Goldie Inez Henson Dec 28



Waren Swiney toDaisy Horton April
L. F. Townley to Hattie Wesson April
Millard J. Scott to Emma Whitsett July 12



H. Elam Murphy to Cora Sey? Dec 19



Hubert Holcomb to Esther Murphy Nov 6

Virgil Gean to Abaline Sego Nov 6 [Virgil Henderson Gean is a son of George Wiley Gean and Florence Mabel Perkins, no info on parents of (Della V.) Abilene Sego.]



Albert Adams Roberts to Mary Scott Lee June 30



Luther Alexander Faulkner to Fleetie Wilma Smith Feb 24 [Luther Alesander Faulkner is the son of Samuel Chatman Faulkner and Marry Ann "Dolly" Crider, Fleetie Wilma Smith is tha dau of John Quincy Smith and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Austin, this marriage info not from Dr. Lee's records but recorded in the Smith Bible.]


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