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Roberson Heirs (Probate Record)

Contributed by Sharon Smith, Oct 2003

This Document was transcribed just as it was written.


The State of Alabama }
Lauderdale County     }

    This day person by came William Stutts in of the Administrator of the estate of Mills Robertson, died and made oath in ________ form of Law that Polly Ann Robertson, born July 9, 1824, 
Henry Mulroy Robertson, born November 11, 1829, 
Sarah Jane Robertson, born December 18, 1830, 
William Carroll Robertson born January 13, 1832, 
Anna Hamm Robertson born March 3, 1833, 
Thomas Harrison Robertson born June 26, 1834, 
Susy Caroline Robertson, born October 1, 1835, 
Sarah Enjaline Robertson, born March 10, 1837, 
John Tyre Robertson, Born November 4, 1830, 
were the only and all the lawful heirs of his estate of Mills Robertson that they are all minors the oldest being about 14 years old that they reside with their mother, Olive Robertson in this county.
Sworn to and subscribed Before me the 29th February 1844.
                                                    William (His Mark X) Stutts
                                                             Joseph Gist JP

Reference: Estate of Roberson Heirs
Packet# 1770
Probate Court Lauderdale County Alabama
Recorded, W. T. Hawkins

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