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Romelia A. "Romie" Thompson Jones to Erin Augusta (Owen) Thompson

Contributed by Chris Hanlin on 7 Aug 2006


Romelia A. “Romie” Thompson was born in Lauderdale County, Alabama on 6 July 1855. She was the daughter of John Andrew Thompson and Mary Jane (Gresham) Thompson. When Romie was about 18, she married George W. Jones (1852 - 1918). She died 5 December 1890, and both are buried in the Mars Hill Cemetery. They had three children: Will (b. about 1875), Omie (female; b. abt. 1876), and Mamie (b. abt. 1878). In 1888, Romie wrote a letter to her sister-in-law Erin Augusta (Owen) Thompson, who was then staying, I believe, in Hartselle. A few identities: “Aunt Bell” is their aunt Isabella “Belle” Gresham, who married John Christian Ott. “Florence” is Romie’s sister Florence Thompson. “Miller” is Romie’s brother Miller Thompson; and “Granville” is Granville Larimore.


Mars Hill Ala
March 27th 1888

Mrs Erin Thompson


Dear Sister,

I will after so long a time write you a few lines in answer to your kind and ever welcome letter I recon you think I dont intend to write you I dont think you would think hard of me if you knew how much work I have to do I am busy all the week and I go to church on Sundays and you see I have no time to write but I will try to do better here after

I cut those patterns and will send them to you I guess you will [k]now how they are to be made if you dont [k]now how to cut them and fix them if you will go over and [ask?] aunt Bell she will show you I will send you [these?] when I send the other things I have got the cloth but have not got them made yet I will make them as soon as I can and send them I have not got quite enough lace knot yet if you have not made any thing yet I would get Cross b[…]d Muslin and make some of them Mother Hubbards dresses I think they will look verry nice. I wish you was clost to me so I could help you all I could. Well we have had the biggest rain I ever saw the Creek was higher here than it was ever nown to be before it likede to have washed away all the ground we had that was any account and it washed away nearly all our fence that was any ways clost to the creek


Well I must tell you I have had bad luck my Crerry cow is dead she had a little calf gust three weeks old when she died I am trying to raise it with greuel and milk she was Erins momy. how is your garden looking mine dont look much, it rains so much that things cant grow. I have plenty of Turnip Salit. I have not got but a few little chickins I have five hens setting. we have been looking for Bud and Jim over here since last Sunday to sign some papers.

tell Florence I think she might write to her old ugly Sister some times. I think some times she has surely forgotten there was such a person as me. tell her I guess though she does not have time I recon when she is not studdying her book she is studdying about some of the boys. Miller and Granville has been up here all evening it is so wet they cant work to do any good. so they thought they could come a visiting. well it is getting late I will close for this time write soon to your Sister


Romie Jones


Well I dont know what is the matter with me I make so many mistakes, but I hope you can read it. give my love to all and retain a share for your self this leaves all well except bad colds I dont feel verry well to night. Write soon to [your?][…] R A J


Along with this letter was one from Romelia’s daughter Omie Jones, then 12 years old:


Mars Hill Ala
Mar 27th 1888


Dear Aunt Erin,

I thought I would write you a few lines as Mamma is writing it is raining a little here it rained so hard sunday night the Creek got part the way up the hill in the lot. I never seen the Creek as high in my life our old Cherry cow is dead she died two Weeks ago last sunday she had a little Calf and we have it to feed – we have a little Puppy he will bark at the Calf and at the […] the Peachtrees are in bloom. Papa and Miller worked our Mare to the wagon the other day. I was verry mutch oblige to you for those Pieceis you sent me by Mamma they are verry nice. I wish you would send me my Album if you please when are you coming over to see us. we have a little chickings and 5 hins seting we have planted part of our garden. well as I cant think of any thing else that will interest you I will close for this time by asking you to write soon to your niece.


Omie Jones

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