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Marriages for the Surname Scott 

1820s to 1892

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SCOTT Grooms to Brides on Date


Andrew Scott to Elizabeth Durham on 22 June 1829

D. J. Scott to Annie Smith on 09 July 1895

Daniel Scott to Sarah R. Burns on 01 July 1871

David Scott to Fannie Johnson on 02 January 1880

Ed Scott to Tabby A. Cunningham on 01 February 1880

Henry Scott to Esther Lee Haynes on 21 November 1895

J. A. Scott to M. E. Sego on 06 November 1890

J. A. Scott to Mary Jane Segar on 15 February 1868

J. T. Scott to M. E. Crider on 02 November 1896

Jackson Scott to Lidia Jones on 08 October 1829

James Scott to Ann Kyle on 19 September 1882

James H. Scott to Mary Hert on 11 December 1873

James L. Scott to Mollie Smith on 01 January 1891

James M. Scott to Elizabeth Lamb on 12 November 1846

John Scott to Harriet Thompson on 01 June 1844

John Scott to Mary Frances Stegall on 20 July 1850

John Scott to Mary Cain on 13 December 1869

John Scott to Ella May Lawler on 18 December 1883

John H. Scott to Myram B. Coffee on 17 April 1847

John W. Scott to Mary Jane Haynes on 08 July 1849

Joseph Euclid Scott to Lucy Simmons on 04 March 1831

Ottaway Scott to Celia Johnson on 12 February 1881

Poindexter Scott to Mahala Lamb on 23 July 1858

Robert Scott to Susan E. Redding on 20 September 1860

Robert Scott to Rebecca Gray on 01 August 1865

Robert A. Scott to Annie Hough on 28 January 1868

Robert N. Scott to Mary Elizabeth Carson on 30 December 1873

Samuel Scott to Sarah C. Scott on 20 February 1881

Samuel C. Scott to Elizabeth Pritchard on 19 November 1830

T. T. Scott to Mary Alice Jackson on 28 September 1896

T. W. Scott to Mattie V. Musalman on 16 October 1879

Thomas Scott to Rebecca Sparks on 10 July 1830

Thomas Scott to Elizabeth Anderson on 26 September 1838

Thomas M. Scott to Adelia McMurtry on 01 December 1881

W. C. Scott to Nancy Myrick on 23 November 1844

William Scott to Louisa Huggins on 08 May 1847

William C. Scott to Nancy Price on 27 February 1856

William O. Scott to Cynthia A. Entrican on 12 September 1855

Zecharah Scott to L. C. Ballentine on 12 September 1892


SCOTT Brides to Grooms on Date


Anna Scott to William Cox on 20 November 1888

Anna Scott to Jack Thompson on 20 February 1889

Annie C. Scott to Frank McNeal on 06 October 1892

Bettie Scott to Cary Armistead on 28 December 1891

Callie Scott to West Phillips on 29 September 1877

Cambey Scott to George N. Robertson on 30 July 1874

Caroline Scott to Nelson Haraway on 23 September 1873

Catherine T. Scott to John W. Haynes on 27 February 1859

Ella B. Scott to J.C. Colson on 17 May 1890

Elizabeth Scott to Thomas Cossy on 28 February 1876

Fannie Scott to James Busby on 07 November 1894

Frances Scott to James C. McMurtry on 23 January 1873

Georgia Ann Scott to Sam Morgan on 08 March 1897

Goldie Scott to John E. Carroll on 22 December 1866

Harlense Scott to Parish Patterson on 27 January 1871

H.E. Scott to W.M. White on 08 August 1888

Jennie B. Scott to Joseph W. Olive on 21 December 1875

Julia Scott to Jere Howell on 18 November 1882

Julian Scott to Richard McAlister on 07 March 1858

Lina Scott to J.T. Murphy on 29 August 1883

Luther E. Scott (fem) to James F. Walker on 22 May 1883

Mary Scott to Kert Bruce on 17 September 1880

Mary A. Scott to W.G. Lewis on 15 March 1851

Mary C. Scott to L.B. Penny on 16 January 1888

Mary E. Scott to J.F. Dowdy on 21 September 1889

Mary Lee Scott to Mart Jones on 01 December 1892

Melinda Caroline Scott to Elisha Adams on 24 August 1849

Mollie Scott to T.H. Olive on 14 December 1869

Monah Scott to Frank Jackson on 02 March 1884

Nancy Scott to Pleasant Hough on 28 December 1857

Nancy J. Scott to E.A. Matheny on 08 August 1880

N.W.N. Scott to B.W. Darbey on 26 January 1895

Rachel R. Scott to Joel Wilkinson on 23 December 1824

Rebecca Scott to William Barney on 04 July 1846

Rhoda Scott to William M. Sholer on 10 April 1875

Susanah M. Scott to Conrad G. Thrasher on 10 September 1860

Victoria Scott to Samuel N. Fielder on 09 Dec 1889

Virginia Scott to W.H. Grimes on 28 November 1874


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