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Presley Newton Todd Bibles

Contributed and transcribed from the original by Paula McMeans Scales (Great-great-great-granddaughter of Presley Newton Todd), Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 3 2002



This Bible is about 3”x5” in size. It has been damp and has swelled considerably. The cover is black (leather?) There are also signs that mice have been gnawing on its outer edges. It appears that someone has practiced his or her penmanship on the inner blank pages. There are letters in “old” script inked randomly across the pages. I believe it was the Bible of Presley Newton Todd. His name is written in it, in a “childish” handwriting. It was published in 1815, this would be about the right time frame for someone to present him a Bible as a young boy. The birth records recorded in it are in a more practiced handwriting.


Recorded in the Bible on the blank page before the title page is:


Jacob Springer was born (blank) January 1808
Malinda C. Springer was born June 27 1812
Samuel Springer was born September the 26 1831


Title Page:


The Holy Bible,
The Old and New Testaments
Translated Out of The Original Tongues,
and with the former Translations
Diligently Compared and Revised.

Printed by Mathew Carey,
No. 121 Chesn__(illegible) Street


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This Bible is the Property of:
Presley N. Todd


Family Record Page:


William J. Todd was borne July the 6 1811
Malinda C. Todd was borne June 27 1812
Presley N. Todd was borne May 31 1814
Julia F. Todd was borne March 12 1816
Amanda M. Todd was borne April 6 1817
Bennett D. Todd was borne October 30 1818





This is a very large, thick bible, measuring about 9”x12”. The cover is damaged but appears to be a tortoiseshell pattern. There are several lovely illustrations of biblical scenes. The title page is missing.


The family record is located in the center between the Old and New Testaments. This is the title page located after the Family Record and before the New Testament.


Title Page

Alexander’s Stereotype Edition
The New Testament of our
Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ,
Translated out of the Original Greek;
and with
The Former Translation Diligently
Compared and Revised
Stereotyped and Published by C. Alexander & Company
Athenian Buildings, Franklin Place
and sold by
All the principal booksellers in the United States

*(the bottom of the page is damaged, but I am fairly certain the date is 1834)


Note: The Family Record section consists of four pages of two columns each. The first page is entitled Marriages. The three preceding pages are Column I Births and Column II Deaths. Most of the early information is written in a beautiful script in faded brown ink. There is later information added in different handwriting, some in pencil and some in blue ink. I have noted this in my transcription. I have also copied the names as they appear. There are spelling variations in names, some I think, due to the pronunciation. Nancy Malissa’s name appears as Nancy Malipa, because the double “s” was written as “p”.


Family Record




Presley Newton Todd & Matilda Hammonds 
was married on the 12th of Jany. in the year
of our Lord 1837 

Samuel H. Todd & Nellie M Howard 
was married on the 4th of Dec. in the year  
of our Lord 1873

 (end of page one)




Presley Newton Todd was borned May 31st in the year of our Lord 1814 
Matilda Todd was borned January the 26th in the year of our Lord 1822  
Roeney Malinda Todd Daughter of P.N. Todd and his wife Matilda Todd was borned November 22nd in the year of our Lord 1837
Eliza Ann Todd was borned May the 9th in the year of our Lord 1840 
Nancy Malipa Todd was borned November the 26th in the year of our Lord 1842  
Mary Elizabeth Todd was borned March the 29th in the year of our Lord 1845




James Jimmason Todd Departed this life June the 3rd in the year of our Lord 1848  
Presley Newton Todd Departed this life December 20th 1851 
Matilda Todd Departed this life April 13th 1879

(end of page two)


Family Record




James Jimmason Todd was borned the 5th of February in the year of our Lord 1847 
Samuel Hammonds Todd was borned the 31st of March in the year of our Lord 1849 
Eleanor Dorcas Todd was borned the 6th of July in the year of our Lord 1851  
Nellie Malissia Howard was born February 20th in the year of our Lord 1852 (pencil)




Nellie Malissia Todd departed this live December 12th in the year of our Lord 1933 (different hand) 
Samuel Hammonds Todd departed this life October 22 in the year of our Lord 1939 (different hand)

(end of page 3)




Ettie Todd Daughter of S H Todd & his wife N.M. Todd was borned October 24th 1874 (different hand) 
Rosey Matilda Todd was Borned May the 21 1883 (pencil) 
John Hurley Johnson was born March the 26th 1900. (pencil) 
Elisha Galby Hammond was born January 25th in the year of our Lord 1880
 (blue ink)  




Etta Todd Green departed this life (date left blank-blue ink) 
Rosa Matilda Todd Hammond departed this life December 15th in the year of our Lord 1962 (blue ink)  
Elisha Galby Hammond departed this life January 14th in the year of our Lord 1947 (blue ink)  

(end of page 4)


Note: John Hurley Johnson was the son of Nellie Howard Todd’s sister. He was taken in as an infant and raised by Samuel Hammonds and Nellie Howard Todd.  


My great-great grandfather was Samuel Hammonds Todd, son of Presley Newton Todd and his wife Matilda Hammonds.   When he became older and unable to live alone, he moved in with his daughter, my great-grandmother Rosa Matilda Todd wife of Elisha Galby Hammond (as far as I can determine in my research Matilda Hammonds Todd and Elisha Galby Hammond were not related).  Samuel H. Todd brought only a few pieces of furniture with him to his daughter’s house.  One of these pieces was a tall boy chest of drawers, which contained his “papers” and the two Bibles.  When he passed away the chest remained with my great-grandmother Hammond.  Upon her death in 1962 the chest and its contents were passed on to her daughter, my great aunt Clara Hammond Belew.  Aunt Clara’s granddaughter recently decided to take the bibles to her home in Birmingham, and I was given the opportunity to transcribe the information.

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