Laud Cem # 158     T2S, R11W, Sec 22            
Surveyed June 2016 by Robert Torbert            
Location:  From Florence, go N on AL 157 past CR 16; Rt on Judson St. At the end of the pavement there is a graveled lane to the cemetery with a cable across the lane. 


Other Info:        
Rachel's father was John Sharpston        
Sarah A. (Sallie) Richard father was Wm. Underwood.  She married Wm T Young before the 1910 Census.        
Sarah A & James F were brother & sister.        
William H. Rickard is s of James F. & Rachel        
John B. Walker's folks were Isaac & Nancy        
1880 Cen Laud Co AL                1910 Cen of Laud Co AL    
James F. Underwood    c1843    James F Underwood  c1849 MS    
Rachel                        c1853    Rachel                     c1855    
Wm F.                        c1873    James E.                  c1886    
Mary E.                       c1875    George P.                c1889    
Emma C.                     c1788    Vernon                   c1894    
John Sharpston          

Underwood Cemetery