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Will of John Webb

Contributed by Glenda Cox on 10 Sep 2002


The State of Alabama , Lauderdale County
I John Webb of said county feeling low in body strength do make and dever this my last will and testament in the name of God, Amen; After consigning my body to the Almighty who gave me existence. It is my desire and I do hereby will and bequest to my beloved wife Elizabeth for her to enjoy during her life. Should she be the longest lived, the negro man and the negro woman. Subject to her choice which and a sufficient quanitity of household and kitchen furniture and stock of various species for her benefit to support them, also if in possession of the lands at my death that I now possess, it is my request that she have the use of the same during her lifetime, including all the land that I be owning at my death be it, when it may. The property I bequeath to her to be disposed at her death as herein after mentioned and the residue of my Estate it is my desire that at my death, both real and personal that it be sold, in the usual way and the proceeds then be divided among my children the following way of;
          To my son Berry Webb because of his obedience to me, an equal share, to my son James Webb an equal share and to my son Henry Webb an equal share and to my son Jermiah T. Webb an equal share and to my daughter Nancy Long an equal share and to Isabella Parker and Evaline Parker my grandchildren and heirs of my daughter Rebecca Parker now deceased an equal share to be divided equally between them and to my daughter Elizabeth wife of Wesley Shelton an equal share for her to enjoy during her lifetime and then to her children. To Artemus Parker because of his disobedience and divers other causes I only bequest to him five dollars, and to my son Jackson Webb because of his marrying disgracefully I only bequeth him five dollars and to my son Josiah Webb if he should entirly forsake the woman to which he has married and should in no wise have any intercourse with her it is my desire that he shall have an equal share but should he continue to cohabit and live with her I only bequeath him five dollars, and at the death of my beloved wife Elizabeth it is my desire that the property herin before mentioned bequeath to her be sold in the usual way and be equally divided among those of my children that I have bequeathed an equal share, and Isabella Parker and Evaline Parker having an equal share divided equally among them and the share to my daughter Eliza in the same way as before named. 
          Because of the industrious disposition of my son Jermiah T. Webb and divers other causes it is my desire that he be appointed guardian of my grandchildren Evaline Parker and Isabella Parker and for the children of my daughter Eliza Shelton, Making this my last will and testament revorking all others being of sound mind I herunto set my hand and seal this 21st January, 1840.

witnessess; Thomas and John Fielder
proven by witnessess 24 April, 1847 William B. Wood Judge
recorded 25 April 1847

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