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Distribution of William M. Stutts Estate

Contributed by Liz C. Moore on 14 Sep 2002

William M. Stutts was born Jan 27, 1798 in Moore County, North Carolina the son of Leonard Stutts and Mary (Williams?). He came to Lauderdale County, Alabama about 1829. He joined the Baptist Church at Pleasant Grove (Green Hill) on the 3rd Sunday in February 1829. He is also listed on the 1830 census of Lauderdale County, Alabama.

William M. Stutts died September 14, 1883. His Probate is on record at the Lauderdale County, Courthouse, in Florence. The following is accounts of the Distribution of his estate. I have made notes under each name, so it is easier to understand who is who.


William Stutts Probate Lauderdale County, Alabama. Doc No. 4303

William Stutts Will is dated 16, June 1883 and presented for probate on October 8, 1883. Pages 202, 203, 204 Will Book B

Probate Court Lauderdale County, Alabama


To the Sheriff of said County,
You are hereby commanded to notify Emeline Stutts, Catherine Myrick, Margaret McMurtrey, J.R Stutts, W.H. Stutts, Susan Stutts, J.P Stutts, Wesley Hill, Janie Hill, Mary Hill, Elias Stutts, Nancy Bretherick, Liddie Richardson, Ella Kennedy, Arthur Kennedy, Mat Joiner, Wren Foust and James Foust, that John R. Stutts has offered for Probate the last Will and Testament of William Stutts Dec'd and the 8th Day of October 1883 has been set to prove the same where they may appear and contest.


September 18, 1883
Wm. E. Haraway P.J.


Accounts for Distribution

Amount of Distribution $4015.35

1. Margaret McMurtey wife of John Less…..? Charged to her by will.
    (Note* Margaret Stutts McMurtrey daughter of William and Susannah)

2. John R. Stutts $350.97
    (Note* John Ritter Stutts son of William and Susannah)

3. Catherine Myrick wife of James C. $350.97
    (Note* Catherine Stutts Myrick daughter of William and Susannah)

4. Emilene Stutts $350,97
    (Note:Emmaline McMurtrey Stutts second wife of William. They married Dec 20, 1863)

5. William H.J Stutts a minor $350.97
    ( Note: William H.J. Stutts son of William and Emmaline)

6. Virginia P. Stutts a minor $350.97
     ( Note: Virginia Parlee Stutts daughter of William and Emmaline)

7. Susan F. Stutts a minor $350.97
    (Note: Susannah Francis Stutts daughter of William and Emmaline)

8. Julius P. Stutts a minor $350.97
    (Note: Julius Powers Stutts son of William and Emmaline)

9. Joseph English                               $ 175.49
    Mary A. Gober wife of J.M              $   87.74
    Cornelia Grisham wife of A.J           $  87.74
                                                           $ 350.97

(Note: JOseph English, Grandson of William. Joseph is the son of Mary Stutts nd John English. Mary Stutts English died December 11, 1845.  Mary A. Gober and Cornelia Grisham are both Great Granddaughters of William. They are both daughters of William English, who died in the Civil War, in Atlanta Georgia. William was the son of Mary Stutts English and John English)


10. Wm. M. Hill                  $   87.74 1/4
       James W. Hill              $   87.74 1/4
       Jane C. Hill                  $   87.74 1/4
       Mary P. Hill a minor     $   87.74 1/4
                                           $ 350.97

(Note: William M. Hill, James Wesley Hill, Jane Hill and Mary P. Hill are all Grandchildren of William. They are all children of Deborah Safrona Stutts Hill, Daughter of William and Susannah. Deborah married John Green Hill. Deborah died in 1869)


 11. Elias Stutts                                          $   87.74 1/4
        Nancy Bretherick wife of Ben             $  87.74 1/4
        Lidia Richardson wife of Fount           $  87.74 1/4
        Ella Kennedy                                      $  43.87 1/8
        Jas. Arthur Kennedy                           $  43.87 1/8
                                                                   $ 350.97

(Note: Elias Stutts is Grandson of William and son of Thomas Branson Stutts. Nancy Stutts Bretherick, is daughter of Thomas Branson Stutts.  Lydia Stutts Richardson is daughter of Thomas Branson Stutts.  Ella Kennedy/Canaday and Jas. Arthur Kennedy/Canaday are both children of Deborah Stutts Canaday who married William Canaday. Deborah was a daughter of Thomas Branson Stutts. Thomas Branson Stutts was a son of William and Susannah, he died in 1856 and his daughter Deborah Stutts Canaday died before 1883)


12. Martha Joiner wife of Wm             $ 70.19 2/5
       Wm. W. Foust                              $ 70.19 2/5
       Wren Foust                                  $ 70.19 2/5
       James D. Foust                            $ 70.19 2/5
       Nancy E Richardson                    $ 35.09 7/10
       Wm. J or T. Richardson               $ 35.09 7/10

(Note: Martha Foust Joiner is the daughter of Martha Stutts who married William Foust. Martha Stutts was the daughter of William Stutts and Susannah. William W, Foust, Wren Foust, and James D. Foust are all sons of Martha Stutts Foust and William Foust. Sister to Martha Foust Joiner. Nancy E. Richardson and William Richardson are both children of Susan Foust Richardson. She was also a daughter of Martha Stutts Foust and William Foust. Martha Stutts Foust died in 1865 and her daughter Susan Foust Richardson died before 1883)



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