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Laud Cem # 162      T3S, R12W, Sec 29            
Surveyed August 2007 by Robert Torbert            
Location:  From Florence, go W on AL 20; Lt on CR 2 about 6.7 m; Lt on CR 4 about 1.7 m.  The cemetery is on the Rt side of the Rd on a hillside with several large oak trees in the cemetery.  There is also a TVA survey marker inside the cemetery.            

In addition to the marked graves in the table below, we have gathered the following information:

Orlan Irons received the following information from Mrs. Katherine (Robinson) Cox about persons buried with no markers:            
CODY, Tom            
CODY, Lulu (Robinson), w. of Tom        
CODY, baby, infant ot Tom & Lulu        
BURT (or BURCH), Emmitt            
Tom CODY and Lulu (Robinson) CODY, and their baby        
William COOK (c1846) and both wifes:            
  Minnie (Adair) c1886 & Emma (Adair)             
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. COOK        
BURT (or BURCH), Emmitt            
Bill Parrish provided the following information in April 2000:            
"My father and grandfather and grandmother, they have no markers."            
BURROWS, William H.         1859 - 1939        
BURROWS, Sarah Robins    1860 - 1925        
BURROWS, Emmitt L.         ca 1894 - 1925        
PARRISH, A. J.                    1890 - 1925        
Other information:            
1900 Census of Laud, Co AL            
William Henry Burrows  c1859            
Sarah (Robbins)            cAug 1861 - 13MH1926            
Embry                         cMY1888            
Alma                           cJA1890            
Emmett Lee                 cMH1895 - 30MH1926            

Woodland Cemetery #1
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