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Zebulon P. Morrison

Contributor: Pat M. Mahan


ZEBULON P. MORRISON, one of the prominent citizens of Florence, Ala., and one of the oldest citizens of the places, was born in Rockbridge county, Va., June 16, 1818. He remained on the farm in his native county until he reached the age of fourteen, and then he went to Lexington, Va., and was bound out to a cabinet maker to learn the trade. After serving his apprenticeship, he left Lexington November 7, 1837, and went to Holly Springs, Miss., and next year went to Tuscumbia, Ala., where he remained two years. In 1840 he removed to Florence, where he has resided ever since. He carried on the cabinet maker's trade in Florence for many years, taking also large contracts in building and bridge work. He built the old synodical college and the normal college in Florence. For the past few years he has been in the undertaking business. In 1853 Mr. Morrison was elected an alderman of Florence, and for twenty-seven consecutive years he was re-elected to this position, with out opposition. In 1891 he retired from the office of mayor of his own accord, and the same year his friends prevailed upon him to run for alderman, and being elected, he is a member of the board at the present time. His administration as mayor was conducted on sound business principles, and was considered a success from first to last. His work as an alderman has been of great value to the city of Florence, his acknowledged sound judgment having great weight with his fellow aldermen. Mr. Morrison is a member of the Blue Lodge, chapter and council of the Masonic fraternity, and he is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, south. At the present time there are but four person living in Florence who were there when he locate din the place in 1840. Mr. Morrison is a self-made man; beginning with nothing, he has accumulated a competency, and is now one of the wealthy and influential men of Lauderdale county.


Source: Memorial Record of Alabama. Vol. II. Brant & Fuller. Madison, Wis., 1893. p. 362

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